Telstra launches APAC-first SD-WAN and virtual branch via Telstra Programmable Network

Telstra launches APAC-first SD-WAN and virtual branch via Telstra Programmable Network

Businesses can now better adapt to market changes, through branch networking in the cloud

SINGAPORE – 25 October 2017 – Telstra today announced a major platform update, expanding the capability of its Telstra Programmable Network, and partnering with leading network innovator VeloCloud to deliver SD-WAN as a virtual solution to extend the branch for customers in Australia and globally – a first in the Asia-Pacific region.

Businesses can now shift their branch network into the cloud, by deploying a single Juniper Networks Universal CPE device onsite, and using a marketplace of virtual network functions to deploy the required services – all through Telstra Programmable Network. This helps businesses virtualise their physical hardware at each site and simplify network architectures, while improving operations and application performance for users and customers.

The Telstra Programmable Network is a leading digital platform for enterprise network services, built on Software-Defined Networking. It provides customers with a fully automated on-demand experience and flexible pricing model. Users can self-provision bandwidth and virtual network functions to provide secure connectivity to cloud platforms and data centres globally.

This latest upgrade introduces Universal CPE (uCPE), allowing customers to deploy the Telstra Programmable Network to their branch location. With the introduction of the uCPE, Telstra is expanding the Telstra Programmable Network ecosystem to enable VeloCloud’s leading SD-WAN solution as a virtual network function, thereby providing businesses with increased network flexibility and empowering business agility.

“Cloud adoption continues to grow and new WAN architectures such as Hybrid and SD-WAN are rapidly evolving. We are unlocking this technology for our customers who depend on having the fastest and most highly available digital experiences possible,” said Michelle Bendschneider, Executive Director, Telstra Global Products.

“Businesses need to constantly adjust in a rapidly evolving technical world, so we really looked at this release from a customer’s perspective with flexibility being front of mind. The addition of SD-WAN provides a more intelligent layer to that flexibility, enabling customers to do more with their network as they digitally transform their business and scale and deploy additional applications when and where they need to,” said Ms. Bendschneider.

Bringing network innovation to Australia and beyond

Dustin Kehoe, an analyst from GlobalData, reinforced Telstra’s leadership position commenting: “Telstra Programmable Network inches ahead of competitors, as it brings this elegant solution to Australia and globally in more than 30 countries, including Asia, the US and EMEA.”

With its global reach, Telstra is also the first company in the Asia-Pacific region to deploy VeloCloud virtually through SD-WAN.

“As Australia’s largest telecommunications company, we are strongly positioned to provide an SD-WAN solution on a global scale. We are the only company in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region that can offer virtual branch networking, VeloCloud SD-WAN, and zero touch management – all in the cloud, powered through Telstra Programmable Network. This is part of our ongoing commitment to bring world-class network innovation to international markets,” said Ms. Bendschneider.

Customers gain flexibility through SD-WAN solution partner strategy

Earlier this year Telstra announced a strategic partnership with VeloCloud, which included an investment by Telstra Ventures, consistent with the company’s overall network strategy to offer greater flexibility for enterprise customers.

“We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to business networks. Our strategy for SD-WAN is focused on removing the pain of navigating the options, to achieve a tailored outcome to meet individual needs. We can offer VeloCloud SD-WAN as a virtual network function through the Telstra Programmable Network, and also offer SD-WAN as a more traditional physical solution,” said Ms. Bendschneider.

“Our expertise in networking, global reach and experience with SD-WAN deployments via our Business Technology Services allows us to provide a differentiated experience that we know our customers demand. Adding VeloCloud as a virtual network function on-demand, deployed through Programmable Network or a physical appliance, allows us to address our customers’ needs locally and globally.”

“Looking ahead, we not only expect SD-WAN and automation to become an inherent part of the Telstra Programmable Network, but also next-generation security and monitoring. As outlined in our recent SOC launches, we continue to work towards building one of the most extensive, secure virtual network ecosystems in the world.”

Telstra Programmable Network and VeloCloud SD-WAN is now available for customers in Australia and globally. For more information, visit Telstra Programmable Network here.

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