Logitech G613 Review | Wireless Mechanical Keyboard At Such An Affordable Price?

Logitech recently released their latest mechanical keyboard that seems to be a really good deal on paper. Not only are you getting a mechanical keyboard, it even is in a wireless form factor! All these comes in at an affordable price of S$159. Follow me and we'll see if the G613 is as good as it sounds on paper.

Year-Long Battery Life

As the product as been out for at most a few months, we were not able to test out the battery life of 18 months as claimed by Logitech. However, as of date, the G613's batteries has been holding up well for a mere 2x AAA battery. This goes to show how efficient the keyboard is at sipping power during everyday usage. It can even be akin to the TV remotes that only requires changing of batteries every few years. Time will tell if the keyboard performs as well as Logitech claims, but so far it is looking great for Logitech.

Romer-G Mechanical Switches

Now onto the typing experience. Coming from a keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches, typing with Logitech's Romer-G switches felt like it lacks feedback. This can be attributed to the lack of any audible clicks, removing a large part of the tactile feel that the Cherry MX Blues is famous for.

However, after using for a few hours and getting used to the way the Romer-G switches felt, there was a pleasantly surprise. Instead of being used to relying on the audio cues from the Blue switches for actuation, the tactile bumps became more obvious. Additionally, a short actuation of 1.5mm actually made a huge difference in reducing typing fatigue. This, in combination with a lower actuation force requirement of 45g, made typing a pleasant and quick experience.

Buttons are also much more stable thanks to Romer-G's method of securing the keycaps through 4 slots. Not to mention, their keys are also durable and are able to withstand 70 million key presses which is a lot of more than competitors.

The next thing that you will notice when typing is how silent the G613 is when its keys are bottomed out. No matter how hard the keys are pressed on, the keyboard manages to muffle the sound of the keys hitting the keyboard's body. This can be felt like an equivalent to the Cherry MX Brown switches with superb o-rings.


Logitech promises near latency free performance with their LIGHTSPEED technology. In essence, the keyboard directly connects to their USB dongle that is plugged into your PC, transmitting actions at a latency of a minuscule 1ms.

Speaking of wireless connections, it also features a Bluetooth mode button that allows you to quickly connect to your other devices such as your smartphone. This removes the need for multiple keyboards when using a smartphone that is able to provide a desktop experience, on top of your PC. These smartphones includes the HUAWEI's Mate 10 series or Samsung's 8th generation smartphone line up.

The G613 features programmable G-keys at the left edge of the keyboard, providing accessible keyboard shortcuts and macros to the user. Each button can be customized to perform various tasks, ranging from Multi Key actions to even the controlling of your Ventrilo headset.

One feature that many glossed over is the inclusion of a built-in wrist rest. This is missing in many keyboards and can be really impactful when it comes to gaming in long periods. It becomes apparent once the ache and discomfort of typing for a long duration is reduced as compared to other keyboards.


The G613 is surprisingly affordable for a mechanical keyboard, even the typing experience is wonderful as compared to other mechanical keyboards at this price range. If you are looking for a wireless keyboard, with a similar typing experience as Cherry MX Browns, do check out Logitech's G613.

  • Wireless connection with both Logitech's LIGHTSPEED and Bluetooth
  • Typing on Romer-G Mechanical Switches felt great
  • Comes with a built-in wrist rest
  • Affordable pricing at $159, Wireless & Mechanical
  • Even comes with a free phone stand
  • Quick actuation makes it great for touch typing and gaming
  • No noticeable latency, even with a number of wireless devices around it
Final Score

Because of its great value, performance and design, the Logitech G613 deserves this All-Rounder Award!

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