Movavi Screen Capture Studio: Record Videos From Multiple Sources

Movavi Screen Capture Studio: Record Videos From Multiple Sources

Whether you’re creating video content or just want to be able to record certain types of videos, it helps to be able to capture the footage you need from any source that you may require. That is something that Movavi Screen Capture Studio can help out with, as it can act as a multi-functional video recorder.

Capturing Video Footage From Any Source

Although it may be a screen recorder, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will also give you the option to record footage from your webcam, import it from AVCHD devices, or digitize footage from TV tuners or VHS players. The options to perform those tasks are in its built-in editor that you can also use to compile and improve the footage.

To record video on PC from your screen is easy enough with Movavi Screen Capture Studio, and all you need to do is select the ‘Record screen’ option when you launch it to get started. Once you do you can define the capture area by drawing a frame with your mouse cursor, then set the other recording parameters in the interface that appears.

On the other hand if you want to record videos from other sources, you should select the ‘Edit video’ option when you launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio, then click on the ‘Record Video’ button. Make sure the device you want to record from is plugged in, then select it in the list under ‘Video capture device’.

Depending on the type of device you want to record videos from, you will then either be able to start recording or see a list of videos that you can import in the case of AVCHD cameras. Regardless, you should have no problems acquiring the footage that you need and then loading it into Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s editor.

Editing and Improving Videos

In Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s editor you’ll find a comprehensive range of features that will let you compile videos, edit them, and transform them into impressive and professional-looking content. Despite how comprehensive it is however, it still maintains an intuitive and easy-to-use approach.

It won’t take you long to learn how to edit videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio, and when you do you can then combine videos, trim out unwanted segments, enhance the video quality, or fix common issues. Additionally you could give your videos a bit of polish by applying special effects or filters, adding and editing audio tracks, inserting animated transitions, incorporating text elements, and much more.

Simply put Movavi Screen Capture Studio will provide you with the complete package: A tool to help you record videos from a variety of sources, and then compile them into any type of content you could want to create. Due to its versatility it should be able to act as an all-in-one solution for all of your video creation needs, regardless of whether you want to compile quick videos for social media or create longer content for a website.

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