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Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session! is a rhythm game that is similar to many others, with a focus on timing and speed. It features over 70 songs ranging from songs featured in animes to vocaloid songs, and even some from games. Let us take a look at how the game differentiates itself from other rhythm games.


Drum Session!'s gameplay is mainly the same as its predecessors which can be played with either the PS4 controller or a Tatacon Drum, with the former surprisingly fitting for the controls of the game. As mentioned previously the game's tests the accuracy and agility of the player. What differentiates the game from the others is the latter, as the game adds plenty of highs to the lows of each song.

Instead of merely following the rhythm of each song, players have to quickly mash buttons when particular drumming notes appear. This can break the methodical mindset that players usually have when approaching games like this.

Variety of Modes

One new inclusion is the mode called - The Session Modes. One of these modes is the Friend Session Play mode where players can cooperate to complete a song, with each player handling different parts of the song simultaneously. Another cute mode is the Guest Session Play mode where popular characters and celebrities such as Hatsune Miku can be challenged.

Players can also play with 'ghosts' of their friends or other players, if they are not available. These 'ghosts' are basically the recordings of which notes you hit/miss for each particular song. In essence, you are playing with your friends, but not in real-time. Not to mention, you do not need a separate console to play with your friends when they are over as the game supports local multiplayer.


In terms of customization, Drum Session! has plenty. Customization options from recent Taiko no Tatsujin arcades, such as title customization, were also added. To unlock more options and even songs, players have to earn Don coins that are used to buy treasure boxes which contains random rewards from costumes to instruments. These coins can be gained by completing the objectives listed in the Mission Bingo menu.


For veterans who are already familiar with the Taiko no Tatsujin arcade games, some might be disappointed with the lack of a whole new cast of songs. However, the addition of the many new modes and the comfort of playing these at home would be enticing to many.


+ Surprisingly fun to play
+ Tons of customization
+ New session modes adds to replayability
= Not that many new songs

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