The State of Global Drive-by Crypto Currency Mining - New Malwarebytes Research

Malwarebytes, the leading advanced malware prevention and remediation solution, release a new research outlining the evolution of crypto-mining and the rise of browser based drive-by mining via Coinhive. has been the second most frequently blocked domain for Malwarebytes’ customers as Coinhive offers API access for website owners to deploy a miner on their site, have it communicate with the Coinhive remote server and unfortunately, allow the miners to run on user systems without user permission. With this new technology, browser-based drive-by mining has flourished almost overnight and was rolled out in such a way that users had no idea what was happening to them or why their PC was suddenly sluggish with maxed CPU’s.

Key report findings reveal:

  • The profit of drive-by Crypto-mining – To be profitable, the mining activity must cost less than the power consumption it generates. Drive-by mining makes use of other people’s machines and the more web traffic you generate, the more chances you have to solve crypto challenges and get a payout.

  • A month worth of block’s for Coinhive’s domain’s and proxies - For October alone, Malwarebytes had an average of 8 million blocks per day, and approximately 248 million for the entire month - preventing unauthorized drive-by mining onto their users.

  • World view of blocked drive-by mining activity based on user geolocation – The highest drive-by mining activity was found in the US, France, Germany and Italy.

  • Top 10 countries exposed to drive-by mining – US and Spain topped the list of countries most impacted by drive by mining.

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