Big Updates for LINE: GUNDAM WARS

Game now available in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore on App Store and Google Play

Singapore – December 14, 2017 – We are proud to announce some big updates to LINE: GUNDAM WARS, a smartphone game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. and LINE Corporation and released via the LINE GAMES platform. Included with these great updates is the addition of English-language support and the game's official release in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

A big update has been released for LINE: GUNDAM WARS today.

LINE: GUNDAM WARS now features English-language support and is also now available in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. In addition, the long-awaited Mobile Armor feature has arrived, letting players collect and use their own Mobile Armor to assist them in battle. With new Mobile Armor at each player's disposal, a whole new realm of tactical options and diverse strategies have opened up.

To celebrate this special occasion, we are proud to announce some limited-time events to help players obtain their own Mobile Armor as well as special Mobilizations to commemorate the game's release in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

We hope everyone enjoys the bigger and better LINE: GUNDAM WARS!

New update: English-language support added
Players can now set their game's language to English. The language settings can be changed in-game by going to Settings > Language Settings. With the addition of English-language support and official release to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, more people than ever before can now enjoy the fun of LINE: GUNDAM WARS. Please refer to the in-game help about time display when changing languages.

(Screenshots taken from a development version.)

New update: Mobile Armor now available
Up to now, Mobile Armor has just been the enemy, but now players can use their own Mobile Armor to help them while they work their way through missions and the Battle Arena.

Players can get Mobile Armor as rewards for completing missions. The level and grade of Mobile Armor can be raised just like Mobile Suits. As Units use special moves in battle, the Mobile Armor will begin to charge up. Once the Mobile Armor is fully charged, players can then send their Mobile Armor out to battle. There are also new parts just for Mobile Armor to help players make their favorite Mobile Armor as strong as possible!
New events have started today where players can get the Mobile Armor Adzam and Apsalus II as rewards. These events will only run for a limited time!

Note: Mobile Armor can't be used for the Battle Tower.

(Screenshots taken from a development version.)

New Mobilization to celebrate the Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore release
To celebrate the English version release, all players will be able to purchase one limited-time 11-Mobilization chance for 200 Diamonds. Plus, anyone who gives this special Mobilization a try will get a Mobilization Ticket for the 4-star Unit of their choice (some limited-time and special Units excluded). Take advantage of this great chance to go grab that one special Unit!

Period: Available till December 27, 2017.

Coming soon: Special login bonuses to celebrate the Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore release
Included with the normal login bonuses of Stamina and Coins, players can also get specialized Mobilization Tickets (such as Attack Mobilization Tickets and Defense Mobilization Tickets) as well as a ticket for a guaranteed 3-star or better Unit. This special login bonus period is only 9 days long. Make sure to log in each day to get these special Mobilization tickets!

Period: December 14, 2017 – December 23, 2017

Coming soon: 4× Stamina login bonus
Players can log in to LINE: GUNDAM WARS during special periods twice a day (12 pm – 2 pm and 7 pm – 9 pm) to get 4 times more Stamina than normal. Use this limited-time event to get the Stamina needed to burst through those stages!

Period: December 14, 2017 – December 23, 2017

Coming soon: Free daily Unit Mobilization
Getting a free Unit Mobilization usually takes 5 days, but during this special event, players will get a free Unit Mobilization every day!

Period: December 14, 2017 – December 27, 2017

Make sure to check out all these special events and we hope everyone has a great time playing LINE: GUNDAM WARS!



Tactically assemble Mobile Suits in battles

In this game, Mobile Suits with 6 different characteristics - Attack, Defend, Support, Disruptive, Recovery, All-Rounder - are assembled to fight in battles together. They switch between vanguard and rearguard according to the course of battle, and players wait for the right timing to make them produce flaring special attacks. While the wide array of animation patterns recreate the world of the animated series, the cute and colorful design of Mobile Suits makes them approachable to all users.

Equip Mobile Suits with a Pilot

By sending Mobile Suits equipped with a Pilot of various skills to battle, the Pilots help to fight the battle, enhance their Mecha's performance, and exert their skill in other ways. Furthermore, if players have their sound turned on, they can listen to famous dialogues from the animated series while watching a display of special effects when a Pilot-equipped Mobile Suit produces a special attack.

Note: Certain characters do not have voice recording playback.

Obtain new Mobile Suits by collecting Blueprints

By collecting Blueprints that come with every Mobile Suit, players can obtain new Mobile Suits once the required number is reached. Players can also collect Blueprints of Mobile Suits that they already own to upgrade them, increasing their status and making them even more powerful during battles. Blueprints can be obtained by clearing missions as well as from Mobilizations.

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"Newtype" Dash Battle Simulation Game
Release date
July 19, 2016
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Free to play (in-app purchases available)
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App Store, Google Play
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Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
Japanese, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), Thai, English
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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. / LINE Corporation

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