Christmas 2017 | Gift ideas for every kind of tech junkie

F O R  T H E  M I L L E N I A L S
Retailing for S$629 including GST
Tune out with SPACE ONE Wireless Active Noise Cancellation that eliminates external noises without affecting the nuances and details that bring music to life, preserving crisp high tones, rich mid range and tight bass for your total music enjoyment. 

F O R  T H E  B E A U T Y  A D D I C T S
Retailing for US$359. Pre-orders opened! 
The future of mirrors - Allure, a smart beauty mirror to own for the beauty junkie & tech savvy combined! Allure's LumiereMax gives you a special lighting, akin to natural sunlight and a whole array of nifty features you can tap on, including virtual lipstick colour mapping before you put them on!

F O R  T H E  A U D I O P H I L E S
Retailing for S$3,999 including GST
Designed to stir the soul before the music begins - the LS50 Wireless 'Nocturne' by Marcel Wanders is a special edition pair of active speakers, created in collaboration with leading product and interior design studio, Marcel Wanders, in Amsterdam. Its sensuous aesthetic quality sets it apart from every other music system, creating a magically compelling audio system that is in a class of its own. 

F O R  T H E  S O C I A L  I N D I V I D U A L
FREE! Simply sign up for an account and start connecting!
Meeof Singapore is the new location-based social network that connects you with friends, like-minded people and neighbours within your local neighbourhood. This Christmas, host a X'mas party and invite your neighbours to mingle, all through the help of Meeof!

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