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In Singapore, we have a few prominent brands that focus on comfortable gaming chairs which targets the huge PC gaming community in Singapore. With the continuous rise in PC Gaming[1], there is also an increase in demand for PC gaming accessories and related products. For vendors who are in this market, it is likely that they can simply throw in the "Gaming" label to sell their products better. There are other vendors that are actually providing products that are good, not just because of the "Gaming" label attached. Tesoro is one of them.

Tesoro is riding the wave and have a whole portfolio of gaming products for gamers. Even though their focus is on gaming mechanical keyboards, they also manufacture a range of gaming chairs as well. Today, we will take a look at the Tesoro Zone Evolution Gaming Chair, and find out what is its pros and cons.

Design and Features

It's all about comfort when it comes to any chair you put your bottom on. The Tesoro Zone Evolution features many characteristics and design qualities that essentiates a good gaming chair. Tesoro has put in thought on every single aspect of the chair, from the headrest to the wheels, to pinpoint and tune the features to fit gamers.


The Tesoro Zone Evolution is considerably big, as the whole product can take up to a width of 69cm and a height of 120cm. Gamers who are interested in the product should make sure that their room have enough space to fit the Zone Evolution. Of course, with a larger footprint, the chair is also much more stable, and it can even hold a weight of up to 120KG.

1. Large headrest with Pillow

Starting from the top, the Tesoro Zone Evolution has got a large area for resting your head. On top of that, it also comes with a large cushion headrest, that is made with memory foam. Memory foam technology is not new, and can be found in many products such as sports shoes, and mattresses. This material is temperature sensitive and can mold to the contours of the material on it. This allows a more comfortable experience for the users, as regardless of head size or shape.

2. Premium Backrest that reclines to 180 degrees

Unlike a number of other gaming chairs, the Tesoro Zone Evolution has an extended body width for  an increased support. It is modeled by high-end sports car seats, which has "side wings" to help support the body. No matter how you move your body on the chair, there will be something cushioning you while keeping you in place, for that extra coziness.

The chair can also be reclined by up to 180 degrees, allowing you to treat it as a mobile bed. Even though the chair looks a little awkward when done so, it still remains very stable. When reclined, the chair can be locked in place, similarly to how car seats work.

The Tesoro Zone Evolution also comes with a lumbar pillow to support your lower back for better ergonomics. This pillow is also made from the same memory foam material as the headrest pillow.

The main cushions on the whole gaming chair is made from premium cold-cure foam. Unlike traditional foams that are cut to shape, the cold-cure foams are manufactured using individual molds. This method will produce a more precise and stable cushion, as the process gives the foam an outer skin that prevents air from escaping. This means that the cushion structure will not go out of shape. In fact, the same cushion technology is also used by automobile manufacturers for their car seats.

3. Adjustable Arm Rests

Only the most premium gaming chairs come with arm rests. The Tesoro Zone Evolution has arm rests that can be adjusted in many directions. This means that its position can be set for different usage scenarios as well.

Pros & Cons

There is no doubt that, the Tesoro Zone Evolution Gaming Chair was able to provide great comfort to anyone who feels the cushion on their rear end. It seems that the use of cold cure foam really makes a huge difference for this gaming chair, as opposed to any other office chairs in the market.

Height Adjustments

Tilt Lock and Height Adjustment Lever
Its ability to recline 180 degrees, swivel and tilt also makes it extremely flexible for different positions that will be optimal for various kinds of usage. This chair feels so good that it's easy for users to accidentally fall asleep when in it!

We know that with cushion chairs, it can get hot after a period of time which can be quite uncomfortable to use users. This is mainly due to poor ventilation with a poor choice of material. Surprisingly, the Tesoro Zone Evolution does not seem to have this problem! It is likely that the cold cure foam was able to regulate the body temperature while keeping the body cool.

However, we do find some small problems that we had with the Tesoro Zone Evolution. This chair is slightly taller than usual, even when its height is set to the lowest. This is likely because of the thick cushions that are used on the seat, which elevates the entire body. Perhaps Tesoro has forgotten to offset that height from the physical height of the chair. Whatever is the case, do make sure that your table is able to accommodate the new height if you are planning to get the gaming chair.


After trying out the Tesoro Zone Evolution for a few months, we are definitely happy to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new gaming chair in the market. Its focus on comfort, ergonomics and flexibility sets itself apart from any other gaming chairs from competing brands. Moreover, it even costs cheaper than many other models in the market as well, and is most definitely a good value purchase.

If you are looking for the Tesoro Zone Evolution, you can purchase it directly from Lazada at a price of SGD299.00 (discounted).

[1] PC Gaming still on the rise -

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