Trend Micro 2018 Security Predictions – Paradigm Shifts

Trend Micro today announced its 2018 predictions that detail the present and emerging cybersecurity threats.

The report highlights 7 predictions on threats that will make inroads in the coming year – these security threats prompt us to relook and rethink.

Some points include:

1.     Ransomware will continue to trend, along with digital extortion campaigns
o    Digital extortion will be more prevalent and cybercriminals will increasingly be attracted to the business model where bitcoins are being used as a secure method to collect ransom.

2.     Many companies will not pay attention to General Data Protection Regulation until the first high-profile lawsuit is filed
o    With the GDPR said to be rolled out in May 2018, there might be a possibility of lawsuits from the authorities and citizens, as majority of C-level executives have been surveyed to shun responsibility with complying with GDPR.

3.     Cybercriminals will explore new ways to abuse IoT devices for their own gain

4.     Global losses from business email compromise scams will exceed US$9 billion in 2018

5.     Cyberpropaganda campaigns will be refined using tried-and-tested techniques from past spam campaigns
o    Fake news and cyberpropaganda will continue as final screening is still dependable on end users themselves.

6.     Machine learning and blockchain technologies will be leveraged by cybercriminals to expand their evasion techniques

7.     Enterprise applications and platforms will be at risk of manipulation and vulnerabilities
o    Enterprise systems may be targeted by malicious actors wanting to manipulate the system and cause operational disruptions and damages – including platforms frequently used by enterprises such as Adobe and Microsoft.

For more information, full report of the Trend Micro 2018 Security Predictions can be found on the website here

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