GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match for PlayStation 4 - Available Now!

GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match
Available Now on PlayStation®4!

SINGAPORE  27th February 2018  BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is glad to announce that GIRLS & PANZER Dream Tank Match releases today on PlayStation®4!
Featuring original work and online battles, packed with the GIRLS und PANZER experience you will not get enough of! Enjoy the realistic experience from controlling the tank and turret, right down to the smallest components!

Retail Day-1 Premium
Get yours when you purchase a physical copy of the game at participating retailers in Southeast Asia on Day-1!
Limited in quantity and distributed at participating retail stores while stock last. Retail Day-1 Premium comes with the initial PS4® package release. Some retailers may not have this premium. Please check with your local retailers before purchase.

Game Features
·         Tank and Crew customization - allows players to create their dream tank and crew members!
·         Tank Commander’s special skill - ‘Panzer High’ that can turn the tide of battle!
·         5 vs 5, up to 10 players Online Matches
·         Daily special Event Match
·         Original Story modes
·         Player Offline Mode
·         Story Battle - lets player reminisce the movie scenes with various characters
·         Domination Battle - random match-ups that lets players enjoy interactions between rival schools!
·         Missions – lets player reminisce the TV series
·         Special Mission – Attack of the Giant BOCO!
·         GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match is available now on the PlayStation®4 in Japanese voice-over and English subtitles for Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia).
·         For more details about GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match please visit:, and join the conversation at

·         Title Information
Title: GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match
Platform: PlayStation®4
Genre: Tank Action
No. of Player: 1 (Online: Up to 10)
Release Date: 27th February 2018

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