PS4 Exclusive - The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia Review

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia has you going on a search for the entire cast of the Seven Deadly Sins. These are an infamous group of Holy Knights that are known to be the strongest yet cruelest in the kingdom - all of whom have the symbols of seven beasts carved onto their body. Following the anime, the game has you experiencing pivotal points in its storyline.


The Seven Deadly Sins game follows a simple yet effective gameplay structure. It consists of quest needing to be completed, while adding some form of travelling in between each action-packed battle. In each quest, you will face mobs (À la Dynasty Warrior), have personal 1v1 combat against iconic characters, and even fetch quests with your waifu Elizabeth.

Completing quests grants you the in-game currency (Magic Crystals) as well as ingredients that can be used to craft magical items. These items can then be used to improve each character's abilities as well as attributes.

Every cutscene are rendered In-Engine
After completing each quest/mission, you will also be greeted with snicker-worthy animated backgrounds while you are preparing for the next mission. This adds a touch of personality to the game, making the entire experience feel more fleshed out.

3D Arena Combat

The combat plays similarly to most 3D arena-based fighting games, with a familiar touch from Bandai Namco. The game mostly runs smoothly, with some dropped frames only during graphically intense sequences. And yes, each character has their own special ability that players can use to dramatically finish their opponents.

To further spice things up in combat, environmental traps are now added to the game. By destroying the trees or houses in the map, trap shards will be dropped and can be used to the player's advantage. This reduces the monotony that these games usually has in its fights.

Like Diane peeking into the world of men, The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia does a good job conveying the anime's storyline and epic fights into something that gamers can experience. Like what a wise man (Meliodas) once said, "That guy's amazing! Everything he says is sexual!".

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