Veritas CloudPoint 2.0 announcements

Veritas today made two important announcements around CloudPoint 2.0, the second release of the company’s snapshot-based data protection technology. 

  1. Veritas Expands Cloud-based Data Protection with Bolstered Capabilities for Google Cloud Customers
Certified by Veritas for the Google Cloud Platform, Veritas CloudPoint 2.0 adds enhanced data protection to Google Cloud’s native snapshot capabilities, providing joint customers with increased simplicity, improved search capabilities and enhanced protection of new workloads and applications in multi-cloud environments. Veritas CloudPoint 2.0 is an enterprise-grade solution built natively for the cloud that automates discovery and protection of Google cloud workloads. With CloudPoint, Veritas brings application consistency to Google Cloud Platform’s Persistent Disk snapshots, indexing for single file restores, replication for disaster recovery readiness and industry-leading search capabilities that make it easy to find and delete personally identifiable information (PII) to help meet stringent global regulatory requirements.

With CloudPoint 2.0, organizations can now benefit from:

  • Simplified data protection – Customers no longer need to struggle with managing multiple backup tools for each cloud individually. In its second release, CloudPoint 2.0 adds critical enterprise data protection functions, such as granular search and recovery, agentless protection and expanded workload support that are managed and orchestrated through one intuitive, central dashboard.
  • Reduced compliance risk – As a data protection solution that can discover, classify and provide agentless protection of Google Cloud Platform instances and delete PII, CloudPoint 2.0 is ideally suited to help enterprise customers meet strict industry regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or HIPAA.
  • Advancing disaster recovery and workload support –The latest release adds replication capabilities between regions of the same cloud service provider, which can advance disaster recovery efforts. CloudPoint 2.0 also provides expanded support for new workloads and applications, such as MongoDB, Microsoft SQL and VMware.

  1. Veritas Unveils Enterprise-Grade Snapshot Technology that Makes Data Protection a “Snap” for Microsoft Azure Customers
By adding extensive data protection capabilities, CloudPoint 2.0 – a powerful snapshot management and orchestration technology that uses Microsoft Azure native snapshots –  gives customers new ways to easily replicate, search and classify their data. Seamlessly integrated with Azure, CloudPoint 2.0 is simple to deploy, easy-to-scale and cost-effective to run. Built from the ground up for multi-cloud environments, the solution is highly flexible and supports a wide-array of next-generation cloud-based workloads. With an easy-to-use, self-service dashboard, CloudPoint 2.0 unlocks opportunities for customers to utilize cloud-native snapshot technology for much more than just backup and recovery.

Key benefits include:

  • Finding data with ease: CloudPoint 2.0 includes extensive cataloging capabilities that enable granular recovery of data. Customers can use the snapshotting technology to find specific pieces of information and restore it in seconds—right down to a single file.
  • Advancing disaster recovery: Organizations can easily replicate data between regions of the same cloud (intra-cloud replication), advancing disaster recovery efforts. Customers can also set policies so that snapshots are taken automatically at set intervals.
  • Helping to ensure compliance: Customers can easily search data, deploy classification tags and quickly find and delete personally identifiable information (PII), which is critical as companies globally adhere to strict compliance regulations, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Supporting popular workloads and multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud environments: CloudPoint 2.0 supports a wide-array of workloads and applications, including Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, VMware and Oracle. It also supports an array of multi-cloud environments, giving customers choice with consistent data protection alternatives across the board with just one intuitive, centralized dashboard.
  • Leveraging a hybrid model: Existing customers can integrate Veritas NetBackup software with CloudPoint to extend NetBackup snapshot management capabilities in the data center and bridge support to Azure.

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