Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Review | Hard To Put Down

Two years after its initial announcement in PlayStation Experience 2015, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is finally out for the masses to enjoy. The game is set right smack in the events of a coup d'état that is orchestrated by the mouse tribe. You play as the boy king that is freshly usurped from his own castle and has to go on a journey to regain his kingdom.


Ni No Kuni II is one great looking game. Its beautifully designed open world, coupled with vast and detailed scenery, brings life to the world around your merry band. Not to mention, the characters are designed well enough to not only feel like they belong and yet stand out from one another.

Even the cutscenes are not overdone, with other games having ones that are vastly different from the in-game graphics, thus breaking the immersion of the game. The ones in this game do not suffer from this issue, allowing the scene to smoothly flow from gameplay to story and back.

Cute Chibi Characters (CCC)

When it comes to travelling around in the vast world of the Revenant Kingdom, players will be given control over Chibi-styled versions of each character. This makes the world feel larger while adding a pinch of cute.


The action sequences in Ni No Kuni II is based around a 3D  arena, with enemies littered all around it. A brand-new addition to the combat is in its adorable little magical creatures called Higgledies. These little devils automatically attack your enemies while supporting you and your allies. Once their abilities are ready, which is signified by a ring around them, simply step into it and activate their various skills. Depending on the type of Higgledies, the activated skill could range from healing to devastating the enemy.

To simulate large battles, there is a second form of combat where you are in charge of multiple groups of soldiers. Each group have their own specialties, and players have to strategically use them in the battlefield.

Minor stealth elements included

Worth it?

Just like an Easter egg in a game, Ni No Kuni II is an unexpected gem in the field of JRPGs. The combination of gorgeous art style and quirky characters makes Revenant Kingdom stand out. The new addition of Higgledies also adds another dimension to the combat system (and a touch of cuteness).

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