Sandbox VR Brings You The Best Immersive VR Experience on the Planet

Sandbox VR Brings You The Best Immersive VR Experience on the Planet
Escape Together, to our world

SINGAPORE. - 30 March, 2018 - Today, Sandbox VR announced their official launch in Singapore. It is the world’s first VR Escape Room Experience, where guests will work together in a team to complete an objective and escape the room in Virtual Reality (VR).

Sandbox VR combines the latest VR hardware technology, movie quality real-time motion capture rigs and AAA-quality content to create the best VR gaming experience on the planet.

In June 2017, Sandbox VR, previously known as GloStation, opened their first store in Hong Kong. Since then, the outlet has been booked out weeks in advance and has attracted the likes of Alibaba, which has invested $3 million into the company.

IMAX has also licensed Sandbox VR’s proprietary experience to its flagship VR Center in Los Angeles and New York.

“With the investment from Alibaba and the tremendous reception we have received at our locations around the world,” said Martin Li, Director, Sandbox VR Singapore, “We believe that virtual reality will soon become the ultimate medium for mainstream entertainment.”

Currently, Sandbox VR has five stores around the world, and this is their first store in Singapore.

Currently, Sandbox VR offers two proprietary games, “Deadwood Mansion” and “Curse of Davy Jones”.

“Deadwood Mansion” is the first hyperreality escape room experience which requires players to hunt for a deranged doctor accused of conducting illegal experiments in the mansion.

The “Curse of Davy Jones”, their latest VR experience was released on 20 March. The game brings about players to find the lost treasure of Davy Jones in time, or risk the menacing Davy Jones striking again to claim their souls. Not only are there brand new weapons, graphics and game play, but it also introduces Sandbox VR’s new haptic force feedback technology.

Gaming Gear
To fully immerse themselves in the experience, players are required to suit up in the gear provided. Players are fitted with a VR head-mounted display, a headset, a backpack PC, a haptic tactsuit and motion capture devices on their wrists and ankles. These devices will ensure that the players will be able to communicate with the game master, as well as their teammates. The haptic tactsuit is embedded with more than 40 vibration sensors, allowing players to feel every hit, exactly where they were hit, during the game.

Game Play
There are three parts to the whole Sandbox VR experience. Players will undergo a brief introduction on the gameplay and then proceed to suiting up. Thereafter, they will spend the next 30 to 35 minutes in the virtual realm of their selected game. Once they have completed the game, players will be able to their video highlights on the Sandbox VR Facebook page.

Location, Pricing & Bookings
Time Slot
Monday - Friday: 11.30am – 6.00pm
Monday - Thursday: 6.00pm - 10pm
Friday: 6.00pm - 11.30pm
Saturday - Sunday: 11.30am - 11pm

Sandbox VR is located at Orchard Central, #05-31, 181 Orchard Road. To book your experience, simply visit to select your preferred time slot and game.

About Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR is the world’s leading VR gaming experience company, producing proprietary games such as Deadwood Mansion and Curse of Davy Jones. For additional information, please visit

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