X-mini Speakers at IT SHOW 2018 - Pricelist and Brochures

X-Mini is back at IT SHOW 2018. Here are some products to look out for at the show.

The X-mini INFINITI is the brand’s step away from its trademark table-top speakers. The biggest product X-mini has created, it moves away from the conventional directional audio system, housing four drivers, one dedicated subwoofer with built-in DSP and DPAC audio technologies. The 60-centimetre tall X-mini INFINITI utilises the surrounding infrastructure, like walls, to create a stereo experience. The Bluetooth pairing capability allows you to pair two X-mini INFINITI speakers and position them in your room for the ultimate audio experience.

Click 2

A pocket-sized portable speaker for casual listeners who are always on-the-go. Weighing a mere 85g and measuring only 50mm by 30.5mm, the X-mini CLICK 2 is packed with a 36mm (4Ω) driver and plays up to six hours of music on Bluetooth playback. The X-mini CLICK 2 is specially designed to create more depth of sound in such a compact size. Pair two X-mini CLICK 2s to power up and enjoy true wireless stereo audio performance.  The X-mini CLICK 2 is available at a suggested retail price of SGD 39.90.


Measuring 21.5mm thick, the X-mini XOUNDBAR is the epitome of music on-the-go. It fits into the pocket discreetly. The speakers in the X-mini XOUNDBAR are customised with flatter drivers so that despite its slim profile, the sound bar is able to deliver a fuller range of sound frequencies so the high and low notes of the music can be distinctly enjoyed. Pair two X-mini XOUNDBARs and immerse in a true wireless stereo audio experience. The X-mini XOUNDBAR is available at a suggested retail price of SGD 49.90.

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