ChangiWiFi Review | Day-Long Convenience Overseas

When it comes to travelling in the recent decade, data connection is a definite must have. It has enabled the ability for anyone that is new to that country to navigate around easily as well as being able to translate foreign words easily. However, it can be a hassle to acquire sim cards when you just arrive in your destination's airport, with some shops even charging exorbitant amounts. To save us travellers money and most importantly - time, Changi Recommends introduced their ChangiWiFi some time back.

ChangiWiFi is an overseas Wi-Fi rental service that is easy to acquire, which is something that should be appreciated. Simply, order the unit online and then collect the wireless modem at the airport before you depart the country. This removes the need for waiting for the delivery of the sim cards, which typically happens when you order from other sources. You also will have immediate access to the internet even before you touch down.

The wireless device provided is able to display its current data connection type (3G/4G), battery life as well as your daily data usage. This is handy in countries where your daily data usage is not unlimited, such as those in Europe.

Travelling with a bunch of gadgets is a pain when it comes to keeping them charged. In addition your own power bank, the ChangiWiFi is able to act as a power bank. Not to mention, it is also thinner than some power banks in the market. And yes, the device is able to survive throughout the day with an average of 2 devices connected.
Xiaomi 10,000mAh power bank as scale

Travelling around Europe meant that there is a limit of 500 MB/day before the speed is throttled and slowed. This is fine for most users who are intending to use it send messages or even videos through their personal messaging service (e.g. WhatsApp or Telegram) or social media (e.g. Instagram or Facebook). The only complaint with the service is that it can sometimes be pretty spotty, with the connection being lost periodically, especially when travelling across countries using the bullet train. It should be noted that the connection is entirely dependent on the mobile network operator and YMMV.

Worth Getting?

Basing on personal experiences, the ChangiWiFi is decent when it comes to value. Most importantly, it is extremely convenient. There is no need to worry about finding a sim card overseas or not having your sim card reach you on time after ordering online. Furthermore, your smartphone's battery will also be saved as there is no need for it to have its hotspot activated throughout the trip. This means taking more pictures!

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