Here’s what you missed at this year’s Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei

Recently, we had the opportunity to attend the 5th annual installment of the business-to-business trade show known as the: Smart City Summit & Expo. Held at the Nangang Exhibition Centre and jointly organized by Taipei City Government and numerous governing bodies, the event saw more than 30,000 visitors over the course of the exhibition.

The summit featured 210 exhibitors and 1050 booths, attracting more than 30,000 exhibition visitors.

The exhibition kicked off its first day within a closed press-area where we were flanked by numerous foreign delegates and press from collaborating countries like France and Mongolia, anxiously waiting for representatives from the Taiwan government to deliver their opening addresses.

We saw high-government officials such as the Deputy Mayor of Taipei City and the President of Taiwan grace the event with their speeches focusing on the theme of collaborating with the world-at-large to build better smart cities by using Taipei and similar cities as test-beds.

Leaders need to be aware of the importance of Smart Cities, that is the most fundamental step before we can enable better lives for our citizens” – Deputy Mayor of Taipei

After a flurry of speeches and a few prizes award to innovation partners, the first day of the exhibition was ceremoniously opened via ribbon-cutting from the organizers as well as the Taiwanese Government.

Interesting Smart Technologies that caught our eyes

We had our eyes peeled whilst taking a quick stroll through some of the exhibits. The exhibitors showcased numerous Smart City solutions leveraging big data that were actively in-use by the government as they were demonstrating its uses.

City Management System and Dashboard

The applications of these solutions ranged widely from disaster prevention uses such as weather monitoring and water-pollution monitoring, to ones that impact the daily lives of every citizen such as transport beacons in train stations that offered internet connection underground in case of emergencies.

It was refreshing to see a smorgasbord of foreign tech giants and startup companies, big and small, displaying their wares for all to see. One particular solution that caught our eye was the UPARK solution that was already beta testing in commercial carparks within Taiwan.

This solution allows carpark users to remotely reserve parking lots long before their cars get to the vicinity and to subsequently ‘unlock’ the reserved space using their smartphones once they got there. The device when installed correctly in a ‘locked’ mode would prevent any car from entering a reserved lot with a reinforced steel construction that can withstand even some of the heaviest vehicles.

Augmented Reality for The Everyday User

The app empowers everyday people like you and me to create our own AR elements that could be viewed by other people with the app. The AR capabilities made accessible to consumers allow a much deeper interaction with individuals and make for more interesting marketing for micro-brands.

In the above picture, the exhibitor was showing us an example of how popular Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou used the AR application to promote his upcoming concerts.

Started by a group of video and augmented reality experts, they’ve made it dead-simple to build your own AR objects and parse the images for reference through the application. 

Smart Health Solutions

Different companies also showed off their healthcare solutions for the future. These solutions mainly revolved around data management of private patient data, as well as advanced sensors which were able to tell vital signs for analytics. 

Pulling out of patient data directly at the ward and bed

Artificial Intelligent Nurse
ASUS Life also showcased their AiNurse solution, which enables a personalized experience for patients with different conditions. The virtual nurse can even interact with the patient through natural language and have the access to the key body sensors attached to the patient. 

Dispensary Tracking System
Nurses can also be empowered with a dispensary tracking system which manages and dispense medicine to patients at specific times. The medicine is kept within the cabinet that is built with the display and can only be removed by proper authentication by the nurses via access cards and fingerprints.

All in all, the exhibition(s) were an eye-opening experience for all here. It provided a very real peek into industries that will be drastically re-shaped by technology, the implications as well as a humbling look at how far humans have come as a species. 

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