ONE PIECE World Seeker Announces New Characters With A Ton Of New Screenshots!

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia today revealed more details such as Germa 66 and the Vinsmoke Family as characters in ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER.

Germa 66 and the Vinsmoke Family arrive on Jail island! Sanji’s brothers, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji’s presence has been confirmed on the island on ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER. Ichiji, the oldest brother Vinsmoke is a warrior using the power of Fire. Niji, the second eldest brother of the Vinsmoke family emits high speed attacks by covering his body with electricity. Yonji, the 4th eldest brother of the Vinsmoke family tries to knock down Luffy by using the wind to Skywalk. The 3 brothers are all ready to take on Luffy!

ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER will be available in 2018 on PlayStation®4 and PC as part of the ONE PIECE Big Projects.

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Title Information
Platform: PlayStation®4, PC Digital
Release Date: 2018
Genre: Action Adventure

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