5 ways to up your productivity game for Mumpreneurs

Juggling work and family is tough, but mothers are an excellent example of superheroines who don’t wear capes. This coming Mother’s Day, here are some tips you can share with working Mums to show them how to get more efficient while at work, leaving more time to spend with friends and family!

Link up your calendar to your mobile

Do you remember the last time you forgot where or when your next office meeting was? And you end up scrambling to get updates – only to find that you’re not on your laptop? Consider integrating your calendar with the Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile device to stay up-to-date on all your meetings.

Alerts – turn them off

Not only are they an unnecessary distraction, it’s also not cool when alerts pop up at inopportune times. Amongst the plethora of tools available in Parallels Toolbox, there is a dedicated Presentation Mode which can silence interruptions while you're giving a presentation. You’re also just one click away from hiding desktop files, blocking notifications, preventing sleep mode, and having automatic resolution adjustment for your extra monitors in the office.

Embrace artificial intelligence 

In today's fast-paced world, there are many ways to automate mundane processes such as managing your schedule and organising meetings. Shrink your to-do list significantly with Artificial Intelligence scheduling assistants such as Evie.ai – so you can focus on the important stuff.

Listing to your heart’s delight

Do you find yourself scribbling great ideas on sticky notes that eventually get lost in a pile of other notes? Microsoft OneNote has you covered - in whatever way you’d like to pen down your thoughts with. Not only can you organise your notes into coloured sections within the digital notebook, you’ll also be able to use the powerful search tool to find them later.

Back-up everything in the cloud

With the emergence of malware attacks, backing up your files in the cloud is of the utmost importance. Prepare for the unexpected with cloud backups. You’ll boost your productivity, tighten your security, save time and money, and also collaborate seamlessly between colleagues.

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