NEC releases PaPeRo petit robot to take care of the elderly

According to Japan's Kyodo news agency, NEC stated that they will be launching various new services for the market in January 2014. This include small networked robots that are able to protect the elderly and tackle trespassing problems. The new robot will be called "PaPeRo petit".

According to NEC, the robot's height will be about 24cm and it weighs 1.3kg. Its eye is also the camera and it is also equipped with a microphone and a sensor which detects a human body. NEC is using their advantage with cloud computing technologies to remotely access the situations of the elderly to provide health advice and even shopping assistance. NEC also said that the robot with 2 months of service will cost 10,000 Japanes yen, which is about 130SGD. Additional value added services will incur cost as well.

NEC aims to achieve a cumulative sale of the robot that amounts to 10 billion yen in the next three years. They aim to work with various enterprises to develop useful applications with the robot for different industries.

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