Probably the toughest Bluetooth Speakers ever made - BRAVEN BRV-1


Competing with a handful of strong competitors in the market, US based bluetooth speaker designers BRAVEN sets to differentiate themself clearly. In English language, Braven describes an object possessing or exhibiting courage. We found the latest BRAVEN BRV-1 bluetooth speakers in perfect fit of such qualities, upholding the company’s brand. Read on to find out more on the different interesting aspects of the BRAVEN BRV-1 bluetooth speakers.

Easy access playback buttons

Not your usual Bluetooth Speakers

1) Rugged -  The speakers that will survive WWIII

The BRAVEN BRV-1 bluetooth speakers stands out as not only a set of decent bluetooth speakers, but also a new breed of unbreakable and destroyable technology gadget. These devices are built to last and will perhaps still be working in an event of a big bang to our universe (exaggeration intended). These speakers are rated IPX5 water resistant and can withstand immense physical shocks. The guys from BRAVEN wanted to show how crazily strong their product is and decided to shout it with a sniper. The results? The BRAVEN BRV-1 barely had a scratch on it. I was absolutely awed by the strength BRV-1.

Easy access power and playback button

2) Wireless - Stream audio via Bluetooth

Being a bluetooth speaker, the BRAVEN BRV-1 speakers does what it should do well. It can be paired to any bluetooth enabled device easily. This makes it extremely useful for the speakers to be brought outdoor where cables create a mess and is a hassle to include a 3.5mm audio out jack as well just to make sure that they have got everyone covered.

Back cover to make the unit waterproof

3) Make Calls - Built in Microphone

The BRAVEN BRV-1 has also got a built in microphone installed within its unit to allow calls to be made directly from the device itself. It could be even possible for drivers to use this trendy device as their dedicated in-car speakerphone. Their smart phones can be connected to the BRV-1 automatically and they can use the BRV-1 as a handsfree device, allowing them to revise calls even when driving.

4) Use it as a Portable Charger 

I found that the BRAVEN team has done quite a good job in designing the BRV-1. Not just esthetically, but also much into the small details and user scenario. As such, they decided to allow users to use the inbuilt USB 2.0 port to have power output, essentially making the speakers a portable power bank, sharing the power between the speakers and other devices.

USB power out, MicroUSB for charging, 3.5mm out, battery indicator

Audio Quality

With its dual 3W speaker output and a dedicated 70mm subwoofer, sounds are made to be clear and loud. Vocals are put to focus and stands out from the rest of the music. The BRAVEN BRV-1 performs adequately well at high frequencies, but bass was lacking even with its dedicated subwoofer. Of course, it should be taken note that audio quality is all determined by personal preferences. In terms of the loudness of the device, BRV-1 was able to fill a standard sized room with good music.

2 x 3W speaker seen within providing stereo audio

Final Thoughts

I thought that BRAVEN has definitely done well in creating the BRV-1. Quick access buttons make the speakers highly user friendly and I found it to be very usable and surprisingly easy to use and setup. The product and brand tries to reach out to those who wants a durable and reliable device. The BRV-1 has even utilised various rugged designs to make sure that it has got is BRAVEN essence found within. It differentiates itself very well in the market. However, what I really thought was that there will still be quite a limited number of consumers who actively searches for such aspects to a device.

If you are interested in a reliable and long lasting bluetooth speakers, check out the BRAVEN BRV-1 which is available at the Banleong e-store and major IT retail outlets in Singapore. BRV-1 retails at 228SGD.

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