How does Instagram Attracts Ads? Main Users are Urban Young Women

As a mobile photograph sharing application for Facebook, Instagram expedites the implementation of advertising revenue plan. Recently, Instagram released the first generation of branded advertising, including ice-cream brand Jerry's, connecting with 9.8 million youths ranging from age 18 to 35. 

From the studies by BI-Intelligence, out of the 150 million Instagram users, nearly 90% are under the age of 35. This shows that the application is an ideal platform for the marketing of fashion, entertainment and brands to the younger generation. As Instagram continues to increase in advertising, there is a greater need to understand the market segment. 

It is noted that although Instagram is widely linked to Facebook, the characteristic of the user market is different due to the nature of uploading photographs from their mobile devices. There has been a shifting trend in the Facebook users towards increasing age. The main users of Instagram are young women living in city areas. 

Like Pinterest, the predominant users are female. According to Appdata, 68% of the Instagram users are female. In addition, 17% of youths living in urban areas and 11% of youths in suburban and rural areas use the app. 

Emphasis on quality instead of quantity of photographs has been placed in Instagram. The app has also introduced a 15 second video feature, similar to Vines, that allow users to share short clips. 

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