Jabra Soulmate™ Mini Review


The Jabra Soulmate™ Mini is a wireless portable speaker. It works with any device that has Bluetooth 3.0, Near Field Communication (NFC) and also the standard audio jack, which comes attached at the bottom of the device, as shown above. This device can last up to 8 hours on continuous playback or talk time.


On one side of the device, it has the on/off switch, the Micro USB Port for Charging and an Audio Input. The other side is used to pair the device to any NFC enabled device with Bluetooth. On the top of the device, it has a volume up and volume down button and a multi purpose button which allows you to check the battery life of the Jabra Soulmate™ Mini, answering phone calls and also if you're using an iPhone it works with Siri.

The Jabra Soulmate also works as a Bluetooth Headset as it has a built in omni directional microphone with a noise filter.

Design, Feel & Sound Quality

For a small device, it truly has "Big Sound" with an unimaginably strong bass and clarity. The sound quality or a Hi Fi Stero This device is also "Pocket Size" designed to go anywhere with a Ultra-compact size and durability. It has a soft touch all around with a all-over rubber coating that protects the devices from scrapes and bumps.

The devices is splash and dust resistant with a very stable base that stays well on top all surfaces.

Full Specifications

A Full list of specifications can be found from the website: http://www.jabra.com/products/speakers/jabra_solemate_mini/jabra_solemate_mini 


This device can be found at major gadget stores for just under $150. 

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