Facebook Blocks Dating Sites to Prevent Loss of Users

While many young Facebook users shift their use towards the mobile application, many older users enter and some of the younger users went into dating sites with their Facebook accounts. Recently, Facebook prohibited the advertisement of dating sites before the arrival of Valentines' Day.

Business Insider confirmed the news with the advertising sector of Facebook. The reason for blocking the dating sites is that many users gave negative feedback.

According to Facebook, the recently amended advertising policies will be introduced to the manual review of advertising content. Facebook received complaints from some users that the dating sites have violated the policy. To maintain a high quality advertising, Facebook no longer accept new advertisement from online dating websites.

However, some websites which have been advertising with Facebook have been affected by the new policy too. A dating site advertised on Facebook, but has been banned recently. The person-in-charge of the dating site expressed that Facebook discriminates small companies and favors larger ones.

According to reports, the fastest growing user group is the older generation, with almost half of the retirees in the United States using Facebook. Younger users find the Facebook 'increasingly old-fashioned' and switched to Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest and other platforms.

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