GTX 750 Ti is apparently slower than GTX 660

According to sweclockers, they learned that NVIDIA is currently preparing the release of a new mid-range card to their GTX 7XX series. Known as GTX 750 Ti, this card is expected to be officially released on February 18. Unlike the other GTX 7XX, this new card will not be based on the latest Kepler architecture, but a new generation of Maxwell architecture. The specifications of the GTX 750 Ti are still unknown at the moment, but it will definitely by the first graphics card based on the Maxwell architecture. In fact, the name of the graphics card is also not yet confirmed. It could be called the rumoured GTX 750 Ti or could even be placed as a 8 series graphics card.

The NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti will be used to replace the GTX 650 Ti Boost. It should cost about 300SGD at launch.

According to the benchmark results released by sweclockers, it has been shown that the GTX 750 Ti graphics card performs slower than a GTX 660.

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