LG to Unveil New Flagship Phone G Pro 2 at MWC with 3 GB RAM

According to foreign media reports, LG confirmed on its website that the next generation flagship phone will be known as G Pro 2, with its debut at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2014 this February.

Although LG has set the launch of the G Pro 2, it has not revealed any specifications of the phone. However, LG has made a brief summary on Optimus G Pro's performance. In just 4 months since its launch in South Korea, over 1 million G Pro has been sold, complimenting its excellent user interface and display.

According to previous news, the G Pro 2 will be equipped with a 5.9" touch screen, resolution of 1080p, but LG might fit it with 2k UHD resolution. It is known that it will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (model unknown), 3 GB RAM and an Android OS 4.4 that supports LTE-A.

In addition, the South Korean media said the phone will possess a fingerprint recognition technology, expected to be similar to that of HTC One, on the cover of the

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