IDC: Samsung Leading Sales in China in Q4 2013, Apple in Taiwan

Market research firm IDC released the latest report for the forth quarter last year. Samsung beat rivals Apple and Lenovo in the sales of smartphones in the Chinese market, accounting for 19% of the market share. In Taiwan, Apple and Samsung have the largest market influence.

IDC data shows that the China has a total export of 90.8 million smartphones, a short fall from the 94.8 million in the third quarter by 4.3%. In second place was Lenovo, with a share of 13%. Next is Coolpad, with 11%. Huawei ranked forth with 10%. Surprisingly, Apple only had 7% of the market share, coming in fifth.

According to the report, the world is highly concerned with the developments in China industry, with China being the engine of growth for the smartphone market. IDC Senior Research Manager Melissa Chau expressed that the manufacturers in China increasingly find that it is more difficult to pluck the 'low-hanging fruit' and has to come up with new strategies to persuade current users to upgrade to their newer models.

Although Samsung dominates the market in Mainland China, the market leader in Taiwan is Apple, with a market share of 30%. However, Samsung is not far behind with 26% of the share. Other dominant players include Sony (16%), HTC (13%) and Xiaomi (3%).

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