Moshi: SenseCover for iPhone 5/5s

Intricately engineered, Moshi's SenseCover is a unique case with a touch-sensitive cover that offers complete front and backside protection for your iPhone. The hybrid leatherette front cover is embedded with proprietary SensArray pads that allow you to answer and talk on the phone without having to open the cover. It works seamlessly with Moshi's iVisor for extra screen protection. Elegant in both form and function, SenseCover is simply a joy to use.

Available in:
Steel Black
Brushed Titanium

MSRP $40 

1. Complete protection with strong polycarbonate hardshell and leatherette front cover.

2. Check date/time, answer/reject calls and swipe off alarms without opening the cover.

3. Magnetic clasp keeps cover closed or folded back while accessing touchscreen.

4. All buttons and cameras remain accessible while inside the case.

What does SenseCover do?
This new take on the traditional portfolio design offers you 360-degree protection without limiting accessibility. Even with the cover closed you are able to: check the time/date, see who’s calling, answer/ end calls, and swipe off alarms. This provides an extra layer of speed when performing these oft-used functions, and keeps your iPhone comfortable in the hand during calls thanks to SenseCover remaining closed. 

How does SenseCover differ from other iPhone cases on the market?

SenseCover has two unique features not found in other cases: a viewing window that allows you to check the time and see who’s calling, and touch-sensitive SensArray pads that allow you to interact with your iPhone directly through the cover. It also features a stylish magnetic latch that helps provide 360-degree protection against shocks and bumps. 

What did it take to bring SenseCover from idea to reality? From which materials is it constructed?

We went through several iterations to ensure SenseCover’s case and cover complemented iPhone’s design. Testing and debugging the touch-sensitive SensArray pads took additional time since we had to choose the correct pad size while maintaining a minimalist style and form factor. The cover’s exterior is made from a leatherette material that provides a sophisticated sheen and finish, the cover’s interior is lined with soft microfiber to cradle the screen, and the rear case is constructed from high-quality polycarbonate.

How do the SensArray pads work? Can I also end calls with my SenseCover?

Similar to a touchscreen stylus used on your iPad, SenseCover’s SensArray pads allow your body’s natural electrical capacitance to flow through the cover so the signal is read by your iPhone and converted to an iOS command. This tactile “shortcut” lets you answer calls and swipe off alarms without ever having to open up your case. Yes, you can end calls by simply pressing the SensArray strip. 

What type of user would be interested in purchasing SenseCover?

At a premium price point, SenseCover is ideally positioned for the tech-savvy user looking for new functionality, a smart design, and a protective form factor that is stylishly slim.

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