PROLiNK launches BT4.0 'Selfie' Smartphone Accessory

Singapore, 10 Apr 2014 - PROLiNK has officially released its first new smartphone accessory - the PROLiNK Foto Onyx (Model PCR1001) to retail stores in Singapore. 

The coin-sized device is a smartphone camera remote that connects to your smartphone or tablets via Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and allows the user to take pictures from a distance of up to 30m away and with up to 8 devices at the same time.

This means a group of friends can now put their smartphones on a table or tripod, and pose for all their smartphones and tablets together without having to go trough the hassle of taking turns to take pictures, or having to take s single shot at a time.

This also means that landscape or scenery shots with the user in the photos is now made possible without having to lug around a large camera or setting a timer.

The best thing about the device is how simple it is to use. The user only need to download the free application ‘mFotoGem’ from the Google Playstore or App store, and once you turn on the application, it prompts you to pair your smartphones or tablets with the Foto Onyx device. Once paired, you can go ahead to take your photos easily, just by pressing the button on the top of the Foot Onyx device.

The Foot Onyx (PCR1001) is extremely portable, and comes with a free audio jack lanyard that makes it easy for you to attach it to your smartphone as an accessory, or to wear it as a pendant.

The device will be available today in retail stores in Singapore at an SRP of S$29, and will be launched in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh by the end of this month.

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