Samsung Expands Home Entertainment Leadership with World’s First Samsung Curved UHD TV

Samsung’s New Curved UHD and UHD TVs, Premium Audio Products and Content Partnerships Create the Most Immersive and Cohesive Entertainment Experience for Consumers

Singapore – April 16, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., today unveiled its first commercial Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs in Singapore, announced its robust 2014 TV roster and launched its expansive line-up of premium digital audio products. The launch of the new product portfolio reinforces Samsung’s leadership, and sets the pace for innovation, design and content across the industry.

“The launch of the 2014 TV and digital audio line-up delivers the next big thing across our product categories for consumers in Singapore, cementing our leadership in the home entertainment space,” said Stanley Goh, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Singapore. “From our full line-up of UHD and Curved TVs to our new audio technologies and content partnerships, we provide consumers who are passionate about entertainment with a wide range of premium products that bests suit their smart lifestyles to create the ultimate immersive experience.”

Ahead of the Curve in Creating the Ultimate Experience

Ushering in a bold new era of riveting realism and mesmerising immersion, Samsung is blending its innovative Curved TV design with its UHD TV technology. These TVs deliver a bold theatrical experience and fundamentally change the way the world views TVs. The curved screen gives videos a presence not felt on flat screens and a wider field of view to create a panoramic effect that makes the display seem even bigger than it is – drawing viewers in like no TV has ever done before.

The curved design creates a balanced and uniformed viewing distance for a more true-to-life viewing experience with improved viewing angles and higher contrast from different viewing positions, so everyone has the best seat in the house. To maximise the advantages of Curved TV, Samsung developed the optimal curvature of 4200R, which provides the best picture quality from a regular watching distance of three to four metres. The combination of curve and UHD technology creates the ultimate immersive viewing experience, bringing images to life and enveloping viewers in spectacular colour, clarity and detail.

Best Picture Quality Possible Regardless of Video Source

With four times the resolution and pixels of Full HD, Samsung UHD TVs provide unsurpassed picture quality. Thanks to UHD Upscaling, featured on all Samsung UHD TVs, viewers are treated to the best possible picture, regardless of source material. The proprietary technology converts Full HD, HD and lower resolution sources to nearly-UHD clarity through a unique four-step process that includes signal analysis, noise reduction, upscaling and detail analysis, ensuring the best picture quality on Samsung UHD TVs.

Smart Experience: Now Smarter, Easier and Faster than Ever

Samsung’s Smart TV is now even easier, faster and more fun to use. Optimised for better viewing of big sporting events, the 2014 TVs make it easier for the whole family to enjoy watching the TV together, with the following features:

·         2014 Samsung Smart Control: The 2014 Samsung Smart Control delivers significantly improved voice interaction and motion control features so that consumers can enjoy their Smart TV more intuitively. Combining gesture-recognition with a new button console and touch pad, the new Smart Control provides frequent Internet video users with more accurate content selection and faster focus movement.

Voice Interaction functionality enables users to find Web or video content quickly and conveniently; users can speak directly at the remote to navigate to their desired content immediately. Motion control in the 2014 Smart TVs have been significantly improved with the Finger Gesture feature. Thanks to this feature, users can change the TV channel, adjust the volume, find and select what they want to watch with simple finger movements.

The new Multi-Link feature brings contextual multi-tasking to the big screen, enabling users to complement their entertainment by splitting the screen to bring up related content to enhance the viewing experience. While enjoying Live TV, consumers can populate a right-hand screen with contextual search results on the Web browser, relevant YouTube video content and more for side-by-side enjoyment of related entertainment and information streams.

·         2014 Samsung Smart Hub: Content is organised to be more easily accessible with the 2014 Samsung Smart Hub, giving consumers aggregation of their entertainment experience. A new Multimedia panel combines the Photo, Video, Music and Social panels to let users enjoy personal content and connections.

·         Soccer Mode: Samsung also strengthened the Soccer Mode, which provides advanced features for a more enjoyable soccer viewing experience. Picture and sound quality are optimised resulting in more vivid green fields and stadium colour, and a more powerful multi-surround sound. Additional features like Zoom-in and PVR (Personal Video Recorder) allow enlargement of selected area on the TV screen and capturing of highlights from the game aired through Free-to-Air channels.

·         Quad Core Processor: The new Smart TV uses the Quad Core processor. With QuadCore Plus, the Smart TV is up to two times faster, enabling it to deliver quicker loading and navigation with an overall improvement in performance. Switching the TV on has never been faster with Instant On. Right after the power button is activated, the TV switches on immediately so that users can access their entertainment faster.

·         Future-ready Smart TVs: Samsung’s 2014 Smart TVs not only support today’s standards – including HEVC, HDMI 2.0, MHL 3.0 and HDCP 2.2 – they are the only TVs in the market that are future-ready, thanks to the Samsung Evolution Kit. Available on the premium models such as U9000 and U8500, the One Connect Box essentially houses the brains of the TV externally, enabling consumers to switch out the box with the latest Samsung Evolution Kit to stay up to date with the latest standards. Through the Samsung Evolution Kit, consumers can also get access to the latest technology Samsung has to offer, enabling them to protect their investment for many years to come.

2014 Line-up of Samsung Flagship TVs in Singapore

Samsung U9000 Curved UHD TV
Delivering the ultimate immersive experience, the Samsung U9000 Curved UHD TV delivers incredible life-like UHD picture quality on a cutting-edge curved screen.

The immersive sensation is augmented by Samsung’s proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer. This is an algorithm that analyses regions of images and automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth, allowing users to enjoy a 3D-like effect without needing to wear 3D glasses.

Colour is further enhanced on these sets with Samsung’s PurColor™ technology, which reproduces colour as film-makers envisioned, expressing more detailed shades while Peak Illuminator & Precision Black maximises brightness range. The new series of Samsung curved screens can also be wall-mounted out-of-the-box with regular mounts compatible with VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) Standards.

The Samsung U9000 Curved UHD TV will be available from May 2014 in 55” and 65” models at an RRP of $6,499 and $9,499 respectively at all major consumer electronics stores.

Samsung U8500 UHD TV
Samsung’s U8500 UHD TV is packed with exceptional Smart TV features and capabilities to ensure the best picture quality possible. With Samsung’s proprietary UHD Dimming, the Samsung U8500 adjusts brightness to deliver deeper blacks and brighter whites producing crystal clear pictures.
On top of that, the TV not only analyses the signal source and reduces artifacts, it also interpolates details based on information from a picture quality database that is embedded in the TV’s system-on-chip (SoC). As a result, it can better render superb details like the wisps of a feather or texture of leather to process a finely tuned UHD picture.

The Samsung U8500 UHD TV’s thinness of 1.2 inches and the extremely narrow 7mm (0.28-inch) bezel combine to create a panel-only illusion.

The Samsung U8500 UHD TV will be available from May 2014 in 55” and 65” models at an RRP of $5,499 and $7,999 respectively at all major consumer electronics stores.

Samsung H8000 Curved Smart LED TV
The Samsung H8000 Curved Smart LED TV offers a wider field of view, stunning picture quality and breakthrough motion blur reduction technology. This gives sports fans, music lovers, and gamers the uninterrupted, immersive experience they demand, plus all of the content they want with Samsung’s Smart TV offerings.

Samsung’s proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer is also made available in this series, providing an enhanced viewing experience.

The Samsung H8000 Curved Smart LED TV is available now in 55” and 65” models at an RRP of $4,999 and $7,499 respectively at all major consumer electronics stores.

Quality Content Choices for Consumers to Stay Entertained and Relevant
·         Channel NewsAsiaThe Channel NewsAsia app features breaking news videos and award-winning documentaries from across Asia and the world. Users can also access an extensive range of content on international news, business, lifestyle, travel, history and current affairs.
·         4D Results & Toto Results – Samsung’s 4D and Toto app transforms Singaporeans’ Singapore Pools experience by bringing the latest results onto the large screen. Apart from the latest winning numbers, users can also check results history and statistics at their convenience.
·         mio TV PLAY – Brought to you by SingTel, the mio TV PLAY app brings users Hollywood blockbuster movies, as early as three months from cinematic release, to the comfort of your own home. Apart from offering a variety of premium on-demand titles (which may be similar to those available on the mio TV Pay TV service) via the app itself, mio TV PLAY Internet Video Search service also allows users to browse third party video content which is publicly available on the Internet.
·         StarHub TV Anywhere – The StarHub TV Anywhere App gives users access to a Video-on-Demand content and Live TV channel streaming service on Samsung Smart TVs. Users will have access to content such as ‘live’ sports events, movies, TV series and top Asian variety and dramas. They can also immediately watch selected pre-recorded programmes that were available on StarHub TV, as well as catch-up on shows from channels such as FOX Movies Play and STAR Chinese Movies Play.
·         MediaCorp Toggle – Toggle is your personal entertainment service that lets you enjoy local content and your favourite TV programmes on demand from MediaCorp at your convenience.

Additionally, consumers will be given Samsung’s exclusive UHD Video Pack, allowing them to watch Hollywood blockbusters such as Night at the Museum and X-Men Origins: Wolverine from 20th Century Fox as well as G.I Joe: Retaliation and World War Z from Paramount Pictures. The Samsung UHD Video Pack, which also includes three documentaries, is valued at $499. 

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