Epson to Focus on Interactivity and Usability of Projectors as it Celebrates 25th Anniversary of 3LCD Technology

Singapore, 4 September 2014 – Epson, the World’s Number One Projector brand for the past 13 years and the World’s Number One Home Projector Brand, celebrates the 25th anniversary of the development of its revolutionary 3LCD technology. Epson explained its business expansion strategy for Singapore, where it has held the Number One Projector brand position for the past 3 years, sharing insights on projector market trends and growth potential, and charting the direction for its upcoming product lines.   

“Projectors have become as ubiquitous as the notebook or PC in most industries today, where there is a need to communicate to audiences. Through solutions to raise productivity and the effectiveness in the way we discuss and collaborate, Epson aims to maintain steady growth in the projector market“, said Mr Kenichi Yamamoto, General Manager, Projector Sales and Marketing Department, Seiko Epson Corporation.

Innovate, Refine and Focus
Epson has seen a progressive uptrend in its market share in Singapore, from 22.7% in FY2011 to 33.3% in FY2014 (as of June 2014). Globally, the market leader enjoys a projector market share of close to 30%, which is more than the combined market share of the next three players.

A three-pronged strategy of constant innovation, refining of its products and focusing on specific markets lies behind Epson’s success. Epson is pushing for greater adoption of projection technology mainly in the corporate and education segments, to tap on the collaborative capabilities of its projectors.  “Our 3LCD technology is an example of how we are constantly innovating. But innovating new technology is not enough. We also spend a lot of time refining our products, such as our interactive projectors which have been improved to work with multiple finger-touch capability and multi-location interactivity. Also, we want to make sure that we focus on the right markets,” said Mr Siew Jin Kiat, General Manager, Inkjet & Laser Printing Division and Visual Instruments Division, Epson Southeast Asia.

Productivity and Creative Solutions to Drive Greater Adoption and New Growth Areas
As lamp technology and production costs improve, there has been a leap in widespread adoption as brighter projectors become more affordable. Well aware of this growing trend, Epson aims to provide a variety of commercial projectors that will be easier to set up and use, with simplified connectivity and enhanced interactive capabilities to raise productivity.
While industries such as the hospitality and creative segments have started to popularize applications like outdoor projection mapping and indoor advertising, other areas like the teaching industry have found interactive applications far more useful. Up and coming applications of projector technology include ultra large screen projection, projection on non-flat surfaces such as 3D objects and interactive collaborations with projected images.

“Businesses are moving towards innovative and immersive projection applications that enhance the total customer experience. Epson’s latest projectors offer a diverse range of functions, from interactivity to video mapping, to command an audience’s attention,“ said Ms Tan May Lin, General Manager, Epson Singapore (Sales Division).

Strategic New Products launched and coming up
Following the launch of the world's first 3LCD, touch-enabled interactive projector, the EB-595Wi, in May 2014, Epson will progressively roll out strategic new products and updated models over the next five years. Product development will intensify to target high growth sectors, such as the commercial and Home Theatre segments. Models that address the needs of large venues, such as high brightness models, as well as specific commercial applications such as digital signage and promotional campaigns are among the products in the works.

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