3 Life lessons you can learn from LINE's latest and most popular game, Let's Get Rich!

Since its launch on July 8 2014, LINE Let's Get Rich, a real-time competition game where each round is unpredictable, has been climbing up the iOS (no.17) and Google Play (no. 4!) charts to become one of the most popular new games in Singapore!

To celebrate this achievement, LINE has specially created a television commercial to be aired on Channel U, Channel 5, MTV, TLC, History, National Geographic, Discovery and Starworld and will run until October 19, 2014The commercial can also be viewed here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXThx2TeyKA

Here are the 3 life lessons that one can learn or be enriched from playing the game:

1. Seize opportunities
-  Learn to take advantages of opportunities (e.g. If you get the first roll of the dice, you have the first chance to buy more property and avoid rental)

2. Build a strong financial asset base that includes an emergency fund
-  A strong asset base in real life allows you to earn passive income and rather than selling your assets, money earned can be put into your emergency fund (In Let’s Get Rich, more property [assets] = more rental [income] and because you could land on the deserted island at any time and be stuck, you still earn money)

3. We don’t have control over everything
- Like real life, in Let’s get rich, luck also plays a factor in the dice roll even if you choose a special dice.
- No matter how much control we think we have over each day, we don't have control over all the unforeseen events that will happen such as getting stuck on the deserted island.

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