Samsung Christmas Gift Guide: A Little Something for Everyone in the Family

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner! Look no further for your ultimate Christmas gift guide - whether the entrepreneurial father, modern mom,athletic brother or free- spirited sister, Samsung’s wide range of devices will make the perfect gift to suit each and every temperament in your family.

Show your loved ones how much you care this season, by gifting them with the perfect Samsung device customized to their personality!

The Entrepreneurial Dad
For the leader of the family who needs to stay on top of things both in the workplace and at home. Samsung has every device to keep you efficient and productive as your business takes flight, while staying connected to the loved ones that matter

The GALAXY Note 4 4G+, the latest in the GALAXY Note series, now comes with enhanced multitasking, even faster response times and faster charging for the entrepreneurial father on the go.
• Refined and intuitive Multi Window feature allows busy fathers to simultaneously navigate between business presentations, emails and personal chats with family • Write notes with the S Pen, which seamlessly emulates the subtle strokes of a fountain pen; with Photo Note, handwritten notes can be converted into editable digital notes for maximum productivity • Browse for reference articles, send and receive large emails, download apps at 4G+speed of up to 300Mbps, 3x the speed of the usual LTE Cat3 speed.
GALAXY Note 4 4G+| S$1,088

The working dad will love using the GALAXY Note PRO (12.2” Display) to organise his hectic schedule – with information displayed on a large screen with crystal-clear resolution, on the only device to offer a 4-app Multi Window, for added productivity.
• Personalized Content Home, optimized for a large screen, allows the on-the-go dad to quickly access news feeds and stock updates, by organising frequently used content in a simple dashboard • For work correspondence and note-taking at business meetings, the Virtual Keyboard leverages haptic feedback to produce a comfortable, realistic typing experience, doing away with that pesky paper pile • True entrepreneurs will find web conferencing a breeze, with Samsung e-Meeting providing content sharing capabilities during web meetings on the CISCO WebEx® Meetings platform
GALAXY Note PRO (12.2” Display) LTE  | S$1,198 GALAXY Note PRO (12.2” Display) Wi-Fi® | S$1,098

The Samsung HU9000 Curved UHD TV delivers life-like UHD picture quality on a cutting-edge curved screen for the entrepreneurial dad who needs a clear and precise perception of new business opportunities and ventures.
• The curved screen enables viewing of the entire screen at the same distance from your vantage point, allowing viewing to be more comfortable. It also reduces reflection and interference of light, reducing fatigue that the eyes may experience especially after a long day of work • 2014 Samsung Smart Control delivers improved voice interaction and motion control features for the working father to utilize the TV intuitively from his desk • Content organisation is made easy with the 2014 Samsung Smart Hub and its new Multimedia panel combining Photo, Video, Music and Social panels for simple navigation between meeting presentations and family-friendly programmes • Colour, brightness and contrast are optimized via features such as the Auto Depth Enhancer, Samsung’s PurColour™ technology, Peak Illuminator & Precision Black, giving clarity for an immersive viewing experience
UA55HU9000K|S$6,499 UA65HU9000K| S$9,499

Designed to work in conjunction with Samsung’s Curved UHD TVs, the Samsung HW-H7501 Curved Soundbar delivers powerful sound options to better enhance the user experience for the working dad. Be it enjoying TV programmes with his family or entertaining guests at work, the incredible surround sound brought to life by this premium audio system is sure to impress.
• Perfect for wall-mounting in the office as it can be easily installed under the TV without the need to drill separate holes into the wall • Slim width of 42mm and the same curvature radius of 4,200mm complements the Samsung Curved UHD TVs, taking up minima lspace in any room • Featuring 8.1 channel support, the Curved Soundbar adds two speaker units on both sides, delivering sound from three directions which results in more spatial and incredible surround sound experience
HW-H7501| S$999

The Samsung Xpress C460FW is the printer that enables entrepreneurial dads to work smarter and faster. It prints wirelessly and shares effortlessly with advanced NFC technology,Wi-Fi Direct and powerful compatibility.
• Simply tap the mobile device to the Samsung Xpress C460FW to print virtually any content, from notes for a meeting to the family errand list • Practical dads can now scan images and send them directly to their mobile devices, or share the content instantly via fax • The printer also provides effortless mobile printing with professional output, optimised for any task or occasion • Google Cloud Printing works with smartphones, tablets and PCs to allow dads to print directly from the Cloud regardless of whether they are in the office or at home
Xpress C460FW Colour Multifunction Laser Printer | S$488

Busy dads can now capture all of life's precious moments securely with the high-performing Samsung 64GB Micro SDXCClass 10EVO memorycard.
• The ultra high speed memory card is UHS-1 enabled, capturing photos and videos two times faster than a typical microSD • With a transfer speed of up to 48MB per second, busy dads can spend less time transferring memories, and more time making them • Store a lifetime of memories on one card – which can hold up to 37,270 photos, 1,110 minutes of video, and 14,990songs • The card can also survive up to 24 hours in seawater, endure temperatures from -25° to 85° Celsius, as well as x-ray and magnetic proof – the perfect companion for a work trip or family holiday
Samsung 64GB Micro SDXC Class 10 EVO memory card | S$79

The Modern Mom 
For the 21st century mom who takes pride in maintaining a beautiful home as her family’s safe haven. Samsung brings you a combination of both aesthetics and functionality, with products that stylishly enhance your home environment.

Taking the hassle out of household cleaning with a simple touch of a button, the Samsung Navibot CornerClean is primed to become the modern mom’s best cleaning companion, packaged in a slim and sleek design making it easier to clean even under the furniture
• Modern moms who have multiple tasks on hand can program a regular cleaning schedule for the Navibot CornerClean to automatically conduct cleaning activities when no one is home,ensuring the house is virtually always clean and tidy • Smart sensors such as the Cliff Sensor enables precision cleaning by navigating houses with doorway ledges or staircases, and the high-tech optical Dust Awareness sensor is programmed to sense dusty areas and clean repeatedly until the spot is completely dust-free • Technology has never been smarter with the Visionary Mapping Plus System which captures 15 image frames per second with the on board camera, creating a map of the house. Using this, the Navibot can create an exact and efficient cleaning path – ensuring a spick and span environment in no time
SR10F71UC| S$1,199

Every mom knows the importance of the refrigerator to store and keep food fresh, so that every member of the family is fed healthy. The Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator’s “fridge within a fridge” design optimises use of space and provides faster access to different foods needed.
• The Showcase door provides instant access to frequently used items, and has six generous cases divided into three zones – Cooking, Family and Kids-zone – making food organisation easy for the busy mom • The metal cooling door helps maintain optimal temperature within the fridge, such that food stays fresh for the family • Digital Inverter Technology improves energy efficiency and cooling performance, providing big energy savings and exceptional durability • The Slide & Fold Shelf, Showcase add extra flexibility and options for storage capacities, enhancing convenience for the grocery-shopping mom
RH57H90507H| S$5,099 

A stylish addition to the modern home, the Samsung Front Load Crystal Blue Washer delivers intuitive user experience linked with smart laundry capabilities, just what the modern mom needs to keep on top of things when short on time.
• There is no longer a need to fuss over settings when doing the laundry– Auto Optimal Wash feature has sensing technologies that decides the most optimal wash program and even automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent and softener • Smart Control allows remote control and monitoring of the washer using an application on a smartphone – the perfect modern solution for the busy modern mom • Eco Bubble Technology ensures cleaner, stain-free laundry with energy savings by enabling washing detergent to dissolve quickly and foam to penetrate dirty clothes faster, so that less hot water is needed • VRT-M Technology uses a three-dimensional vibration sensor system that keeps the drum well balanced at high spin speeds, significantly decreasing vibration and noise

 Preparing meals at home for the kids have never been easier, with Samsung Smart Convection Microwave Oven designed to provide convenience for busy households, without compromising healthy,great-tasting meals.
• Slim Fry technology prepares crisp meals without the use of additional oil, eliminating excess fat, making every meal a healthy one • Prevent overcooked or undercooked food with the Smart Multi Sensor Technology, which reads the food’s surface temperature each second and judges whether the cooking stages are complete. This technology makes it possible to adjust optimal cooking time more precisely than with a basic humidity sensor • Moms will heave a sigh of relief when it comes to cleaning - the ceramic enamel surface allows grease and oil to be easily cleaned off and the coating prevents bacteria and odour transfer, which means less time is needed for cleaning overall

The 21st century modern mom needs an equally sophisticated home design to complement her, and Samsung’s Built-in Kitchen collection is the perfect integration of aesthetics and functionality that provides a safe and efficient cooking environment.
• The seamless design of the Samsung Built-in Multi-function Oven makes it easy for consumers to integrate it in any kitchen décor. The oven’s Twin Convection™ technology also offers time and energy savings by allowing consumers to cook two different dishes simultaneously at different temperature and time settings • The Controllable Intensive Washing function (Zone Booster) of the Dishwasher offers two cleaning zones - heavily soiled pots and pans get a high pressure and high temperature wash, while plates and glasses are delicately cleaned and cared for with a lighter water stream • Samsung’s cooking hoods are built with Infrared Sensors to allow moms to operate the hood with ease, with just a wave of their hands
Built-inKitchen Collection| Range from S$419–S$3,889

With its sleek metal frame, elegantly curved corners and tactile soft back cover, the GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ brings out the sophistication in the modern mom, who strives the achieve the fine balance of a loving homemaker and a confident woman.
• At only 6.7mm thin, the GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ is one of the slimmest GALAXY devices ever, complete with choice design features desired by the trendsetters of today, making it the ideal and versatile accessory for the modern mom who wants to enjoy a night in town • The GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ provides powerful hardware including an Octa-core processor, a built-in 32GB memory, a brilliant 4.7-inch HD Super AMOLED display as well as an 12MP Advanced Camera with Real Time HDR for an unrivaled viewing and photo capture enhancing entertainment and leisure experience .

Amidst all the hectic housekeeping and making sure the family is in order, the modern mom needs a stylish compact camera to help capture the beautiful memories spent with her family. The NX mini captures moments in stunning detail with user-friendly features for every day use.
• Moms can now indulge in the global trend of self-shooting by including every member of the family in ‘wefies’. With a 3.0- inch (75.2mm) Flip up and Touch Display that flips 180-degrees and an ultra-slim 9mm wide angle lens, images can be framed perfectly,capturing group shots from an arm’s length away • The NX mini’s impressively fast 6fps Continuous Shot mode allows for continuous shots so that no special moment is missed, whether it be at a birthday celebration or a graduation ceremony. The fast 1/16000 second Shutter Speed freezes fast moving scenes, enabling the dramatic capture of motion in crisp detail without blurring
NX mini(9mmLens,White,Pink,Mint Green)| S$549 NX mini(9-27mmLens,All Colours)| S$649

The Athletic Brother 
For the energetic brother who champions the healthy lifestyle in the family with his adventurous outdoor hobbies. Let Samsung be your trusty companion on these journeys, challenging you to push limits and simultaneously maximising your enjoyment. 

The GALAXY S5 4G+ is the perfect device for the sporty and adventurous brother - combining dedicated fitness tools, an advanced camera, fast network connectivity, and enhanced device protection features to help users stay fit and connected in style.
• Setting goals are a priority for the fitness buff - with the Enhanced S Health, the GALAXY S5 4G+ enables users to pledge commitment towards a healthier lifestyle by setting fitness goals, and is also equipped with a personal fitness tracker which helps users to monitor, manage and challenge their workout routines • Rigorous workouts require durability in a phone, and the GALAXY S5 4G+ performs exceptionally in this aspect with qualified protection from water and dust (IP67), perfect for a dusty hike or an afternoon frolicking at the beach
GALAXYS5 4G+(16GB)|S$998

No workout is complete without some fast-paced tracks to get the body revved up and ready to go – a durable pair of headphones are the essential accessory for every exercise enthusiast. Samsung Level In, part of Samsung Level, a series of premium audio products, is just what every athlete needs to complete his workout preparation.
• Allowing users to take calls while listening to any type of audio and ensuring the best sound clarity during their call, these headphones work seamlessly with all Samsung mobile products • An immersive sonic environment is provided for any vigorous activity, supported by a powerful three-way speaker that produces rich audio covering all low, mid, and high sounds naturally and with clear sound separation
Samsung Level In| S$198

Providing powerful wearable experience with 3G connectivity, the Samsung GearS is the perfect addition to the active lifestyle of the energetic brother who is constantly on the move. It acts as the ideal health and fitness companion given how it fits comfortably and conveniently on the wrist. He can also take on any adventure with the Gear S’s IP67 certification making it water and dust resistant.
• The 2-inch curved SUPER AMOLED display and easy-to-use user interface allows users to read messages and notifications at a single glance, and stay informed with notifications from social networks, calendars and applications. Calls can be made and received directly from the wrist, ideal for the brother who is constantly outdoors or at the gym and away from his phone • The Gear S champions the healthy lifestyle through its multi-sensors, built-in GPS, and Enhanced S Health features. Apps such as Nike+ Running will allow avid runners to track his runs, keeping him motivated on the go
Samsung Gear S | S$498

The Samsung Gear Circle enhances the user experience for the exercise enthusiast as he listens to music to motivate him during his workout sessions, while being contactable all at once.
• Splash and sweat resistant, users can exercise and know that their Samsung Gear Circle is protected against corrosion and water damages with P2i Nano coating • When paired with a smartphone, the Gear Circle enables him to easily receive calls, listen to music and make voice commands in style through Bluetooth connection • The Gear Circle also features a magnetic lock which can clasp around the neck when not in use, as well as a vibrate function to signal incoming calls and notifications – additional features that make communication that much easier when outdoors and on the move
SamsungGear Circle | S$168

The Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker enables the athletic brother to enjoy tether-free entertainment from any room in the house and from various music sources whether he is working up a sweat on the treadmill in the living room, or soaking up sunshine outdoors in the garden.
• Flexible speakers can be used alone or in combination with the Wireless Audio – Multiroom Hub and additional M7 speakers to create a multiroom, multichannel surround sound system – ideal to spur any workout with adrenaline- pumping music • Need tunes for a quick workout? Easy plug-and-play installation makes network set-up a breeze between Samsung AV products • Unique design caters for a wide variety of placement choices throughout the home, allowing it to fit snugly in the corner of walls
Wireless Audio Multiroom (WAM) M7 | S$549

The Creative Sister 
For the avant-garde sister who is constantly exploring and experimenting with new and dynamic work, online and offline. Channel your creativity, consolidate your ideas and produce your own masterpiece using Samsung’s diverse range of products. 

Creative spirits will love the NX30, a professionally-inspired Compact System Camera combining high quality imaging with the ability to share the photos immediately.
• Capturing inspiration on the go is now a breeze, with the Samsung NX AF System II and 9 frames-per-second Continuous Shooting function, enabling the free spirited sister to capture the split-second moment of a bird's flight or a dancer's stride • 20.3MPAPS-C CMOS Sensor identifies sharp details and intense colors within complex landscapes and textures, replicating any artist's complex landscapes of choice in exceptionally beautiful snapshots • Point-and-shoot romanticists can also look forward to spontaneous photo taking without compromising the results, with 16 different smart scene modes to choose from,for sense and functionality
NX30 | S$1,369

Watch her eyes light up in delight as she receives the GALAXY Tab S – the perfect gift to provide the creative sister with an unrivalled visual experience that brings out the finest details in films and images, while offering entertainment throughout the day with its long battery life.
• Cinephiles and photography enthusiasts can look forward to the Super AMOLED Display, with both AMOLED cinema and AMOLED photo modes optimized for movies andimages, whether vintage films or fashion stills • The sleekness of the 6.6mm profile and lightness of the 465g (10.5”) and294g (8.4”) GALAXY Tab S ensures that the tablet is easily portable – important for ladies who value an easy, light aesthetic in their dressing and everyday movements • Avid readers can look forward to the premium content eco-system, with Kindle for Samsung providing all kinds of reading material on the go and even one book each month,free-of-charge– a dream for the avid reader!
GALAXYTab S (8.4”)LTE/Wi-Fi®: S$698/$598 GALAXYTab S (10.5”)LTE/Wi-Fi®: S$948/$848

The Samsung Gear2 offers the avant-garde sister a wearable alternative to the smartphone, with the option to stay connected while out – be it at exhibitions, photography shoots or the latest musical in town.
• The Gear 2 boosts a premium metallic finish and a polished exterior, which can be easily matched with any unique outfit of the day, especially with the Gear 2's customisable colour options on its home screen background, clock face and font • The enclosed 2.0MP camera in the small, compact wearable allows for easy and quick snapshots for inspiration, preserving it for future reference when working on a new creative piece • Audiophiles can implement their own soundtracks at any moment in time with the Standalone Music Player with 4GB memory, without having to fumble with a larger music device
SamsungGear 2 | S$398

For the ladies serious about their music but still mindful of their fashion, the Samsung Level On provides a crystal-clear audio experience while earning serious fashion cred from friends and family alike.
• Fashion-conscious users can choose from the all-classic black or the soft hues of white and tan, both carefully chosen to subtly complement all manner of outfits, from the casual everyday look to formal wear for special events • 40mm speakers and a strong bass response in the on-ear headphones enhance the high sound quality for a wide range of music, thus offering the experimental audiophile a clearer, more nuanced experience with various genres • With NFC, Bluetooth® and aptX connectivity, the Samsung Level On do away with frequently tangled wires, ensuring that ladies can store and extract their earphones with discreet movement
SamsungLevel On| S$288

Imagination will take flight onscreen with the Samsung UHD monitor that features four times greater resolutions than a Full HD monitor, ideal for watching the latest arts film or viewing intricate designs up close.
• Thanks to UHD Upscaling technology, the monitor automatically detects the content’s original resolution and improves it with noise reduction and up-conversion to create sharper images, enabling the perfectionist sister to watch 4K content in fine detail and over a 1-billion colour range –64 times more than a typical monitor • The latest Picture-in-Picture 2.0 technology lets the creative soul multi-task and watch videos that maintain 100% of the source resolution • Display Port connectivity enables the monitor to connect to UHD-compatible devices and content, facilitating the sister to share her original creations proudly to the rest of the family • The quality-conscious sister will enjoy fast-moving films and animated games without any motion blur, shudder or ghosting, thanks to its 1-millisecond response time
U28D590UHD Monitor|S$899

The Jet setting Cousin 
For the adventurous traveler who is filled with wanderlust and needs to document his or her journeys around the globe. Capture, record and share every precious moment with Samsung’s range of multi-functioning devices. 

The Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE’s hybrid of camera and phone easily makes it the handy device that frequent jet setters need, with the functions of two essentials in one, allowing travelers to document their travels and keep connected without the hassle of fumbling between multiple devices.
• The new retracting lens technology makes the 10x Optical Zoom powerful yet in a remarkably slim package, giving the user the sharpness of real optics in a chic body. Features such as Pinch Zoom and one-touch Quick Zoom ensure moments are just a touch away from being captured • Real optics make a difference, especially when zooming in on faraway subjects and shooting in low-lit places during exotic travels. OIS steadies the shot, ensuring sharper images and higher quality video no matter where you are on the globe
GALAXY K zoom LTE | S$798(w/o contract)

Lightweight, retro and superior quality. These are the three important qualities that the modern globe trotter looks for in a camera to accompany him on his journey, and the GALAXY Camera 2 has them all.
• No need to be jealous of the pros with their big cameras when the GALAXY Camera 2 can take equally stellar shots. With Smart Mode, travellers can choose from 28 different pre-set modes all designed to address different shooting scenarios, which will allow a professional touch or creative twist to any image • With an upgraded 1.6GHz Quad Core processor, the camera is faster and easier to shoot, edit and share in high quality with friends and family. With a lightweight of 283g and retro design, the GALAXY Camera 2 is the ideal choice for photographers who do not want to sacrifice style for technology,even on their travels
GALAXY Camera 2 | S$638

The comfortable yet polished look of the Level over headphones will make the avid traveler stand out in a crowd, equipping him with easy navigation on the headphones itself while channeling deep, powerful and realistic sounds as he explores streets and alley ways,or waits in between terminals.
• Navigating has never been easier using the headphone's smart touch control. Users can easily operate all the settings such as volume control, backward/forward, play/pause and receiving calls & S Voice – ideal for the jet setter who has his hands full with baggage and maps • With ergonomic features and a sleek, minimalist design, the traveler will be impressed by its soft, supple polyurethane cushioning that provides excellent comfort even when being worn for extended periods on all those long flights on the plane
SamsungLevel Over| S$488

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