A review of ASUS STRIX Claw and STRIX Glide Control Mouse and Gaming Keyboard

ASUS move into the gaming gear market has been seen by many as a bold one, especially when much stronger competitors such as Razer and Logitech have been in the market for quite some time and achieved considerable reputations. How good are the gaming gear that they produce? In this article, we take a look at the bread and butter of all gamers - the gaming mouse and its mousepad.

ASUS STRIX Claw Gaming Mouse

ASUS STRIX Claw gaming mouse simple looking mouse with sophisticated hardware design. It has some high end specifications that differentiates itself from your usual cheap gaming mouse.

High Precision Sensor

The core of STRIX Claw is its highly precise gaming-grade 5000DPI optical sensor. With such a sensitive sensor, the slightest movement of the mouse will register in the computer. It is exceptionally useful for first-person shooter games where taking accurate aiming on enemy is vital for the outcome of the game. The STRIX Claw will give you an unfair competitive advantage in your game.

All these are thanks to the PixArt PMW3310 optical sensor what can detect movement of the mouse of up to 3.32 m/s.

Instant DPI Switch

The DPI switches found at the top of the mouse allow the gamers to change between the sensitivity of the mouse. Changing on the fly in games also means that the mouse can be used in different scenarios in the game, optimized for different terrain and situations in a FPS. There is even a DPI clutch button which allows users to reduce the DPI instantly for super accurate aiming! Definitely a great feature for FPS players.


The STRIX Claw is specifically designed for right handers for all kinds of grip styles, especially for finger and claw-style grips that work best in FPS. The streamlined shape and material used on the mouse also provides great comfort for gaming, which I found to be much better compared to other gaming mice in the same class.

Software and plug and play hardware modes

Just like the STRIX Tactic Pro keyboard which we reviewed previously, the Strix Claw also includes the Strix software suite for easy personalization. Moreover, the STRIX Claw is also equipped with 4 programmable buttons that can do almost anything you want it to with the STRIX software. Similar to the Tactic Pro keyboard, the Strix Claw also has a built in 64KM memory that remembers all your customizations done to it. In hardware mode, the mouse will simply work on any computers and devices with your own customized settings. This is something that is definitely unique on the STRIX Claw!

STRIX Glide Control Gaming Mousepad

Many people wonder how much difference a gaming mousepad can make in a game. In order to let people understand that gaming surfaces are necessary for optimal gaming performance, ASUS has decided to come out with the STRIX gaming surfaces to show you the actual differences when using the mice on these surfaces. 

The STRIX Glide Control mouse pad is a premium mouse pad that is made with a heavy-weaved fabric, providing a regularly textured top for games that require extremely fine control and precision. It is 400mm wide by 300mm long. This mouse pad is made for FPS games and works extremely well with the STRIX Claw mouse. This is because the material increases the friction between the mouse and the surface, allowing optimal aiming chances on the game.

The STRIX Glide is also made to last. Unlike many gaming surfaces from other brands, ASUS has embroided the edge of the mouse pad to make it a lot more durable and fray-resistant. Additionally, this prevents the edges of the mouse pad from curling up.

The back of the mouse pad is made of a non-slip rubber base to prevent the mousepad from moving on the table.

Final Words?

If you want the best FPS gaming performance and experience, the ASUS STRIX Claw and STRIX Glide Control should be something you really ought to include in your Christmas shopping list. We know that these two items are worth the buy after trying them, and with the established support centers located in many countries, we believe that after sales support could be much easier as well.

Purchase STRIX Claw : http://ho.lazada.sg/SH84mA

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