Review of ASUS STRIX PRO Gaming Headset

Continuing on our review on the various ASUS STRIX products, we today take a look at the ASUS STRIX PRO Gaming Headset. Tuned for the gamers for realistic gameplay simulation, this product is poised to be one of the better Gaming headsets out there in the market, just by having genuine quality hardware.

Fierce Owl-Eyed Design


The core of the awesomeness that lies within the ASUS STRIX PRO Gaming headset is its 60mm neodymium magnet drivers. Most gaming headsets from other brands are using smaller 40mm drivers. A larger driver means tighter bass and richer sounds, which gives gamers a much immersive experience in their game, especially in first person shooter games. Paired with good directional pinpointing features from your sound card, you will know whenever your enemy is approaching you. Of course, the ASUS STRIX PRO is also excellent for other purposes like music and movies.

Comfortable head cushion

Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)

Side microphone included

Of course, a good pair of gaming audio headset is not only determined by its output audio quality. ASUS has recognized that a quality microphone is also required for the best teamplay in a game. They have included a side microphone for easy in game talk. Additionally, to further improve the performance of audio inputs, ASUS has also included an optional Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) adapter. This active adapter has a built in microphone that picks up environmental noise and automatically negates them when digital audio signals are sent to the PC. These includes noise coming from your typing of the keyboard or an airplane flying over. The results, crystal clear voice heard by your team mates.

ENC Adapter / Headset Volume Control

ENC Adapter (USB has to be plugged in for ENC to work)

Cross Platform

Game on a smartphone or a Mac? No worries as ASUS has also included various adapters to make the ASUS STRIX PRO Gaming headset truly cross platform. It works (both headphones and microphone) on both PCs and Mac Computers, and even consoles, smartphones and tablets. Imagine using such high end gaming headsets while gaming on PlayStation 4. Also, with the extended 1.2m cable, you will be rest assured distance from your screen is not an issue.

Various Adapters for cross platform compatibility

Foldable Design

The ASUS STRIX PRO Gaming headset is meant to be brought around. Be it an LAN Party or local tournament, you can include the STRIX PRO as one of your fundamental essential gaming gear. The foldable design allows the ear cups to be laid on flat, making travel and storage easy. Morever, the microphone coom and ENC adapter is also removable, giving gamers flexibility of management of their gear.

Final words

After testing the ASUS STRIX PRO Gaming headset on various scenarios, we found that this headset performed well and was much to our liking with its unique Owl design of the ear cups. In terms of audio output quality, we were able to hear sounds that were not previously heard on other headphones. Every note and game effect sound was well defined and crystal clear. We attribute this to the powerful 60mm audio drivers which usually uncommon in consumer level products. It is an all-rounder, performing equally well in all games, movies and music. Bass is recreated well and taut, much to my own preference. The highs are also accurate and specifically good for classical and band audio. The main innovation of this headset comes from its ENC feature, which works quite decently, being able to reduce noise that is sent over to my team mates. In conclusion, the ASUS STRIX PRO Gaming headset lands itself into the category of near higher end headphones. It wild owl design makes it a good gaming gear for show off, but if designed more maturely, it could be a good choice for music lovers as well.

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