Why are there so much difference in newer Gigabyte motherboard revisions as compared to the original?

Source : http://uk.hardware.info/reviews/5835/spot-the-differences-gigabyte-motherboard-revisions-present-markedly-different-test-results

There has been some disturbing news circulating around the internet about the ugly truth of Gigabyte motherboard. According to UK site Hardware.info, it seems that newer revisions of Gigabyte motherboard has been manufactured with lower specifications but sold as the same product. This has caught the attention of one of the forum members from the website, and sparked outrage with Gigabyte customers who recently bought the motherboard of later revisions.

Apparently, Gigabyte has been making new revisions of its motherboards using the original product name. Of course, there is no big fuss about the practice. However, there have been vast differences between the revised models recently. Some differences include the reduction of number of CPU power phases and also the removal of a secondary BIOS chip.

Just from the image shown above, we can see the huge different between the two motherboard of the same revision. I would also like to add that at the moment, Hardware.info clarifying with Gigabyte on the issue and we hope to get an answer from them soon.

My thoughts? I personally felt that there could be a few possibilities that resulted in this from happening.

1) A mistake on the model number - It could be highly possible that there was a mistake in the model number of the motherboard after the revision, leading to a lower speced motherboard getting sold on shelves rather than an original motherboard. Being a long time player in the market, I strongly believe that Gigabyte would not simply cut costs without thinking about the consequences. Moreover, we all know how complicated Gigabyte's model naming system is, and it will be highly possible that a small mistake at Gigabyte's part resulted in this. It could be good for them to revise their naming system

2) The revised motherboard is manufacturer via a 3rd party vendor. We all know that there are always counterfeit products in the market. It could possible that the shop that bought in all the motherboard from a distributor accidentally bought in a counterfeit batch. The motherboard can look similar, but are made from lower quality components and have less features in order to cut costs. If we are seeing counterfeit iPhones, and other products, I wouldn't think it is impossible that such "tainted" products get released into the market.

Before we come to any conclusion, we should hold our horses and not condemn Gigabyte on the situation. Let us monitor the situation and see what Gigabyte has got to say. 

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