Convenience is just a Twist Away with Twist World Charging Station and Twist Plus Macbook World Adapter

Convenience is just a Twist Away
with Twist World Charging Station and
Twist Plus Macbook World Adapter

(Singapore, January 2015) Following the successful launch of the OneAdaptr Twist World Adapter, OneAdaptr is pleased to unveil Twist World Charging Station, the world’s first all-in-one charging station that compatible for use globally. The impressive Twist World Charging Station charges up to 4 electronic devices with 4 powerful 4.0-amp USB ports from just one electrical outlet. The OneAdaptr Twist World Charging Station comes with the signature patented Twist & Lock mechanism in the power socket, which ensures compatibility for use in Europe, Australia, China, and North America.

Twist World Charging Station works as a stand-alone international charging station to power up both Apple and Android devices all at the same time, eliminating the number of power cords, international converters and chargers you carry.

With MacBook users in mind, the Twist Plus World Charging Station offers an unparalleled, charging convenience to Mac users everywhere. Twist Plus World Charging Station’s smart design cleverly attaches to any Apple MacBook Power Adapter by replacing its attached plug or extended power cord. When snapped into place, the Twist Plus World Charging Station not only allows for worldwide charging of MacBook, but also provides 4 other 4.0-amp USB ports. Once attached, simply twist and lock your selected local plug and power up to 5 devices simultaneously from a single outlet. This very efficient charging accessory is a lifesaver for the mobile generation constantly on the go.

For the globetrotting devoted MacBook user, OneAdaptr brings you the convenience of universal compatibility with a twist. The Twist Plus MacBook World Adapter is the world’s first all-in-one power adapter that piggybacks onto your MacBook Power Adapter just like the original Apple power socket and works to ensure compatibility for Europe, Australia, China, and North America. 

For the trendy traveller or the savvy backpacker, luggage space cannot be scarcer. The compact design of the OneAdaptr Twist Adapter series eliminates carrying multiple international sockets and chargers and saves more than 40% of your packing space, making way for your millionth outfit or even just to lighten your load that little bit more. Whether you're an international traveler or you just want the convenience of a globally compatible all-in-one charger, the OneAdaptr Twist Adapter series offers that at just a twist.

Retailing at $49, $69 and $79 respectively, the Twist World Charging Station, Twist Plus World Charging Station and Twist Plus Macbook World Adapter will be available from this October at ante@TANGS Orchard, EpiCentre, EpiLife, istudio, Takashimaya.

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