Japan manufacturer releases a mechanical back support - You can now carry heavy objects without worrying about spraining your back!

According to Japanese media reports, a industrial machinery manufacturer has invented the latest mechanical wearable back support. This provides additional strength and support to the wearer, allowing them to carry heavier items without the worry that they will sprain their back.

Recently, the firm announced in Kyoto their power assisted back support product. This product allows the user to lift an entire basket of vegetables and fruits by an electric motor, and reduce the strain on the waist and legs. In addition to the agricultural sector, the product is also envisaged to be shipped to other factories and warehouses.

The firm has already sold about 90 units of a previous model of wearable device which allows farmers to reduce strain on the wrist when picking fruits from trees. That was priced at 129,600 JPY (1465SGD).

We thought that this is another step towards technology of the future, and potentially see it in many other industries. Probably a step towards a real iron man suit that works?


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