Google Glass 2 already available for Developers?

Even though Google Glass did not reach a desired outcome for Google in terms of development and exploration, Google has not totally abandoned the project. Earlier this month, Tony Fadell told the New York Times that the next Google Glass will be different from before. In other words, we can expert a vastly different design as compared to the first explorer edition device and will not be able to see it very soon in any technology events. However, it seems that 9to5Google has got some news that the new Glass 2 prototype has reached the hands of key developers.

The source states that some Google Glass developers and partners has managed to get a sneek preview of the early prototypes of the new Glass. In additional, other than the end of Google Glass Explorer project, there has been a major restructure in the Google Glass engineering team. It is obvious that other similar projects such as Oculus Rift and Gear VR has taken away the limelight from Google Glass and we are unsure if Google Glass will be revived by these high value developers and their new team.

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