G.Skill breaks DDR4 Frequency World Records - DDR4 4355MHz!

World's number one overclocking memory module manufacturer G.Skill has just announced that they have just broke the world record for DDR4 memory yet again. This time, it's their Ripjaws 4 memory modules that claimed the world title. They also set the standard for high end DDR4 memory modules.

In order to achieve such high speeds, G.Skill has specially selected their Ripjaws 4 series DDR4 memory modules. Together with a high end ROG X99 Rampage V Extreme motherboard as well as a Intel newest i7-5960X CPU, the setup was put under the torture of Liquid Nitrogen to attain such unheard of frequencies. This result has already been validated by CPU-Z at http://valid.canardpc.com/13r9ni

It seems like G.Skill has been in the news lately for their great memory chips. On enthusiast OC league hwbot, the top memory modules are all from G.Skill. This has really shown their hard work in making the best performing modules for the market.


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