Lenovo is getting sued due to Superfish Adware

Lenovo is getting sued because of the controversial Superfish adware which is preinstalled in some of their devices. Lenovo and the developers of Superfish are now facing court trials. Superfish will install bookmarks in the infected computer and insert advertisement in the user's HTTP webpages. Superfish's self signed certificate can also be used for malicious activities, resulting in the computer being vulnerable to attacks.

Lenovo has already released a tool for the removal of Superfish. Jessica Bennett who is an editor purchased a convertible Yoga 2 device. While writing blog articles for her clients, she realised that she have been seeing many advertisement showing revealing photographs on their sites. At other websites, she has also been experiencing multiple pop up advertisements. She realised that her computer has been infected by an adware and confirmed that it was caused by Superfish that was preinstalled in her system. She is suing Lenovo and Superfish for infringing her privacy and using her web browsing activities data for their own monetary gains.

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