LG Electronics plans to manufacture OLED with China and Japan based companies

According to news reports, Korea's LG Electronics stated that they have been planning to work with companies based in China and Japan to manufacture OLED, in order for OLED televisions and displays to be more prevalent in the market. Only second to the world's bigger television manufacturer, LG Electronics did not say much about details of their plans and did not name any companies who will be working with them.

LG Electronic's child company LG Display is the only company that has the ability to manufacture OLED televisions and panels in a large quantity for the market. It is the main company who is responsible for most of the OLED televisions in the market. They claim that as compared to the mainstream LCD technology, OLED can produce better quality pictures while consuming less electricity. Sadly, it is also much more expensive to purchase an OLED TV. Recently, with quantum dot technology getting more popular and widely used while having benefits over OLED such as it being cheaper to manufacture, this can also affect OLED TV's sales.

Some TV manufacturers in China such as Skyworth and Konka are also producing OLED. However, analysts claims the technology has to be more widely used in order for it to be mainstream. The world's biggest TV manufacturer, Samsung, states that they are currently not looking into OLED technology for their TVs and this will also mean that the technology will not be available widely in the market. Last year, Sony also did state that they are open to OLED technology and are willing to use the technology to produce their TVs.

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