Review of the D-Link Wireless AC750 Mbps Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1520)


Getting connected is always a problem especially in our densely populated country. There are so many Wi-Fi signals everywhere, noise and interference actually becomes a problem. Signal strength degrades and connectivity to the internet gets affected. There are 2 ways to help improve the problem. 
1. Move to a different Frequency band
2. Amplify and Extend your range with a Range Extender.

Today, we introduce the D-LINK DAP-1520 Wireless AC750 Mbps Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender which aims to improve the situation for you. 

D-LINK DAP-1520 Wireless AC750 Mbps Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender aims to amplify the range of any existing single band router to provide greater Wi-Fi coverage for smooth connectivity. It runs on 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard and provides dual-band speed of up to 750Mbps. It supports speeds of up to 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz and 433Mbps on the 5GHz band.

Getting Started

The D-LINK DAP-1520 Wireless AC750 Mbps Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender is really simple to startup and use. You just have to plug it into any power points and do an initial set up. Thereafter, your range will be extended and reach dead zones in your house. 

This extender works in dual band. There are currently 2 types of bands in current day Wi-Fi standards, that is 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 2.4GHz can reach further distance but is slower in transferring data. 5GHz on the other hand, has a shorter range but can transfer data a lot faster than 2.4GHz. The D-LINK DAP-1520 being a Dual Band Range Extender will be able to extend wireless signals in both bands, essentially giving out the best performance and range. 

The white finish of the D-LINK DAP-1520 should fit well into the design of your home. With a clean D-LINK logo at the top and also a LED indicator showing the availability of the extender, this device really as simple as it seems. 

The only 2 buttons available on the D-LINK DAP-1520 are the WPS button and the reset button. Top connect the device to the home wireless network, simply press on the WPS button on both this AP and the router. If your router does not support WPS, you can also do it manually. Like how you set up your home router, simply visit the IP address / URL address of the D-Link DAP-1520 to get the settings done up.

To get you started easily, there is a quick setup wizard to guide you along. This step by step wizard will get you connected within matters of minutes.

You can connected the Range extender manually by going through the settings from the wireless extender.
Of course, your wireless SSID and password can be customized. To have a seamless wireless connectivity throughout the whole home network, it is recommended to set the same wireless SSID as your wireless router's SSID.


Putting the range extender in my kitchen, about 20 meters away from the living where the main router lies, the difference strength difference can already be seen. The test was done in a toilet in the kitchen. 

Hangncq-EXT (D-Link Extender) has clearly a stronger signal strength as compared to my home router. However, what it matters was the internet connectivity speeds.

It is expected that speeds will be slower when connected to the wireless extender because of interference in the way from repeating the wireless signals. 

Direct Connection to Wireless Router

Connection via D-Link DAP-1520 Extender
Based on our tests, we were glad that the wireless extender managed to still work well. We were able to sustain the download speeds at a loss of about 2Mbps. The upload speed was however a bit slower by about 30Mbps. Nonetheless, the improved signal strength gave us much confidence that this device will work well in a larger set up, i.e. office/ multi storey houses. 

Finals words

Based on the performance results shown for the D-LINK DAP-1520 Wireless AC750 Mbps Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender, we thought that it is really a good product to purchase if you have a certain deadspot in your house where Wi-Fi signals cannot reach. The extender can act as a bridge from your actual wireless router to provide wireless signals to the dead spots.

What we really love about the D-LINK is fact that it is extremely simple to set up, making this a great buy for anyone who don't know much about configuration of network settings. It is almost plug and play for most users and setting it up is simplified by the Setup Wizard that guides the user along with a step by step approach.

The D-LINK  DAP-1520 Wireless AC750 Mbps Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender retails at SGD69.99 and is available at all authorized retailers.

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