Yamaha releases Vocaloid Software that sings American English

Hatsune Miku? Megurine Luka? Rin and Len? If these names ring a bell, you should be familiar with what Vocaloid software are. Previously, these software are only available in Japanese version as it was the only market it was targeted for. However, as popularity of it rose especially with the personalization of vocaloids into anime characters, many others seemed a lot more interested of the potential of the software.

Yamaha has just announced the release of the PC software "VOCALOID 4 CYBER DIVA". This software synthesizes words keyed into the system and creates a natural English speaking singing voice. It will be sold for about ¥10,800 ($125SGD) in early February.

Yamaha hired a native English speaker from the U.S. and spent 2 years to create this software. It aims to attain a natural American English accent and a clear and strong vocal that is suitable for all sort of songs.

With the release of this software, we are definitely looking forward to what kind of creativity composers can bring out with VOCALOID 4. I also wonder how she sings. It should not be long before we can hear her voice.


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