iPhone 6 Plus explodes - first case in Hong Kong

Apple has always treated product safety as their top priority. However, it seems that there has been a recent case of an iPhone 6 Plus exploding. This incident is first of its kind, and according to appledaily news from Hong Kong, after the explosion, the phone also caught fire. The protective cover and phone was badly damaged. The owner of the iPhone 6 Plus, Ms Zeng, said that the device was purchased as a contract phone with local telco CSL. It is a 128GB Gold version, and that she was using an original iPad charger to charge the phone when the incident happened. She had never ever thought that such an incident will happen to an Apple product, and started to be sceptical with reliability of Apple products.

The iPhone 6 Plus has been deemed inoperable. The area of the tabletop which the phone was left on was also burnt. Apple has yet to issue a statement on this incident.

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