Time to get playful with the new Logitech M238 Play Collection Mice!

Logitech is recently released a new series of Mice for the common users. Targeting at mainstream users, these new wireless mice will sure capture the hearts and attention of many with its bright and colourful designs. Away with the old traditional mice design, and welcome the unique designs from the Logitech Play Collection!

The Wireless Mouse M238 comes in 5 different designs. There is sure to be a single design that will capture your heart.

They are :

1. Ophelia Owl

2. Franchesca Fox

3. Marc Monkey

4. Blue Facets

5. Red Facets

The wireless M238 Logitech Play Collection Mouse uses a small USB adapter to connect it to the computer. The adapter is kept at the back of the mouse to make sure that you don't misplace it.

Well, even if your little USB wireless mouse adapter goes missing, you can still connect your mouse to another Unifying adapter once you got the software installed and set up.

The Logitech M238 is said to be extremely energy efficient, with a battery life of up to 12 months. Just remember that you should switch it off when not using it. Even if you forgot to switch it off, the mouse will automatically move into standby mode if it does not detect any movements for a period of time.

The wireless mouse can also connect to the computer easily. Simply plug in the unifying adapter, and the drivers will load up automatically. No extra steps are needed to get started with the mouse! The mouse has a wireless working distance of about 10m. This also makes it a good choice as a presentation clicker.

These cheeky mice only retails at an affordable price of $29 SGD each, and they are available at authorized Logitech retailers like Challenger. With the name that Logitech has built up over the years, these mice sure live up to the reputation, showcasing interesting design concepts. It changes the idea of how a design of a usual computer mouse should be. If you are looking for something new, or a gift for a friend, this is definitely something that you should consider.

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