iPhone 6s coming next month?

Developers have found new evidences that the iPhone refresh for iPhone 6 will be coming next month. The iPhone 6s is said to be almost identical to the iPhone 6 based on its external experience, but it will be a bit thicker in terms of its dimensions.

It has been rumoured that the new iPhone 6s will be released on the 9th of September, but the media and partners have yet to receive any invitation letters from Apple for the launch event. This has led to speculations on the actual release date of the refreshed Apple flagship phone. However, new evidences have surfaced on the internet, telling us the imminent release of the phone next month.

Fiksu took applications from the US, Germany and Brazil in the various app categories and found out that two new smartphones, namely iPhone 8.1 and iPhone 8.2 are within the log files. We all know that iPhone 7.1 and 7.2 refers to the iPhone 6 series. Of course, iPhone 8.1 and 8.2 are devices that will be of a later version than iPhone 6s. Usually, if these information are shown within applications that are available on the app store, these apps will be the firsts to be compatible with the new devices. It seems that more official information about iPhone 6s will be released very soon, as details leading to the official launch are slowly piecing together, solving the big puzzle.

Surprisingly, there are no indications on the availability of a new iPhone 6c device from the log files.

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