Next Generation MacBook Air delayed

Even though we know that Apple likes to have things in their control, it seems that they are still limited to the production capabilities of their suppliers. In Apple's Mac product line, Apple is much affected by the decisions from Intel, the provider of the chipset and processors in these computers.

Recently, foreign media has leaked that Intel's next generation processor Skylake-U's roadmap, which is the processor that the refreshed MacBook Air will be equipped with, will only be released in the October/November period. This means that the new MacBook Air will only be available after those dates.

Usually, Apple will introduce every refreshed MacBook Air in October, together with the release of new versions of iPad. However, as Intel will only release the processors out to the manufacturers at this date, there will be no chance that the new MacBook Air will be released then. However, Apple may just do a surprise update to the MacBook Air on their Apple Store, and may not need to formally announce the upgrade on a launch event.

According to the industry experts, the new generation of MacBook Air will most likely be equipped with the new Skylake-U processors, specifically the Core i5-6200U and Core i7-6500U. These processors will also provide the graphics part, namely HD 520. There are currently no news and information on the processors that the new Retina MacBook Pro and Retina MacBook will be using.

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