Who still wants a skateboard when you can have a Hoverboard?

LEXUS officially launched a feature video of their latest Hoverboard named "Slide"

In case you are wondering, we are indeed referring to the automobile maker Lexus. After going through 18 months of development and prototyping, Lexus has finally launched their "Slide" Hoverboard. Honestly speaking, this new invention really works. The hoverboard literally hovers on any surface, something that you would see only in cool movies or cartoons.

The "Slide" Hoverboard base its technology on Superconducting magnets. In order for these magnets to work, they must be cooled down to a cryogenic temperature. In its superconducting state the magnet can conduct much larger electric currents than ordinary wire, creating intense magnetic fields. This repels the magnets that are supposedly on the concrete ground to result in the levitating effect.

However, as the wires in the superconducting magnet gains heat, there is a need to cool them down to a temperature of -197 degree celcius again. Liquid Nitrogen is used in this case, and if maintained at the specific temperature, the superconducting magnet can work effectively over a period of time.

While this new toy is still in its conceptualization stage, the fact that a successful prototype has already been available, we can understand that Lexus is certainly in the right direction moving ahead. It could probably be the next big thing in the automobile industry.

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