Review of DeepCool N2 Laptop Cooler


Instead of the usual futuristic designs and LED decorated laptop coolers, DeepCool has released the N2 Laptop Cooler that will appeal to the younger generation. With the design of a chic laptop cooler which DeepCool calls it “Kawaii” style, it features a cute bunny and embossed carrots.

What we felt

From the first look, the laptop cooler is seen to very simple in design. It has a huge 180mm cooler fan at the base. With the use of large fans, we know that it will be able to drive a huge amount of cool air to the base of the laptop without compromising on the noise factor. The blue painted metal grill also gives the laptop cooler the best in design and physical cooling capabilities.

The laptop cooler is also considerably slim and portable. At a maximum height of 23mm, it can possibly be kept within your laptop case together with the laptop. Moreover, DeepCool N2 also has 2 feet that can be extended, so that the laptop can be placed at an angle for better ergonomics.

Fret that you will lose a single USB port if the N2 laptop cooler plugged in? Need not worry. The N2 has a special USB jack that allows your USB devices to be plugged on top of the fan connection.
Based on our tests, the DeepCool N2 was able to reduce the temperature of our Macbook Pro by 2 to 3 degrees when the Macbook was running computational intensive applications. It is considered to be quite effective for such an affordable and simple laptop cooler.


At The Tech Revolutionist, we always have high regard for products that can provide our readers with the best bang for the buck. We were glad that the DeepCool N2 is most definitely categorized as one of the most affordable laptop cooler that performs well to its expectations. Moreover, its cute design is sure to be a hit to girls. It could be a good gift for your female friends. 

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